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How to use Rose Quartz? Benefits of Rose Quartz stone?

how to use rose quartz benefits of rose quartz

Rose Quartz – The Love Crystal 

As evident by the name, rose quartz is a kind of quartz. Authentic rose quartz, however, is quite rare. Nowadays, this type of crystal is found in parts of the world, such as India, Brazil, Sweden, Australia, the U.S., and more. This quartz is more like a mineral if we get into more technical terms.

The use of this type of quartz goes long back to Greek mythology. According to the legend, Aphrodite, the goddess of love, once injured herself while saving Adonis, her lover. When their blood came into contact, it gave quartz a subtle pink color, and thus, this quartz was formed.

Another legend says that Cupid, the winged messenger of God, used this quartz to develop love between two people. The quartz stone is believed to be a symbol of love and beauty in ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Tibetan cultures.

The stone is typically soft pink in color, though some types are available in light purple, lavender, or richer and darker pink.

Healing Properties of the Rose Quartz Crystal

A genuine rose quartz crystal is best known for being the stone symbolizing unconditional love. It is believed that it radiates joy, love, and emotional healing.

Let us understand the benefits that you will get by wearing this quartz.

The soft pink hue of this quartz is believed to heal every wound your heart has suffered. Removing sorrows, worries, fears, and resentments, the quartz replaces them with healing, comfort, and inner nourishment, allowing the heart to offer and receive love freely. A deep sense of energy and personal fulfilment forms in your heart, where contentment and inner peace will become your personal reality.

The crystal is known to possess a reassuring and calming effect on the person wearing it. It also enhances bonding and is the perfect stone to put on the stomach of pregnant women. It also helps in easing feeding and colic problems in infants. You can also place it on the corner of your home or bed to bring back harmony and trust and promote unconditional love.

Authentic rose quartz crystal also helps in promoting good mental health. It provides support to get relief from stress and tension. In addition to healing the kidneys, this gemstone is helpful when placed on the thymus, which helps ease chest and lung ailments. Like rose quartz, Amethyst Stone Benefits

This crystal provides various health benefits and is advantageous for women as it benefits the female reproductive organ.

It is also a spectacular crystal for children and adults. It helps get beautiful and peaceful dreams and shuts out night terrors or nightmares.

The gemstone is also good for the skin as it helps in reducing blisters and soothes burns.

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A Guide To Using Rose Quartz

Let us understand how you can use this crystal to extract its advantages.

Place the crystal over your heart and take deep breaths for six times. The number ‘six’ is often connected with love. When you breathe, feel the stone emitting love into your chest, thus clearing away any pain and darkness to clean your heart space.

To gain this energy for the entire day, you can also wear a necklace of this quartz that falls right at your heart. However, you need to be consistent in this crystal’s use as it is a type of gemstone that likes to be near you.

One can also try meditating with this crystal to start connecting with them. You can start by holding this stone in one or both hands and start focusing on your breath as you close your eyes. Notice how you feel when you meditate with this crystal. Given that this stone stands for love, it is perfect for a loving-kindness meditation.

A crystal around your home offers a beautiful energy boost, whether you want to add it to an altar area or keep it on your nightstand. A crystal point with one sharp edge can help intensify the intentions you set in your space.

Wearing rose quartz as a necklace is a great way to hold rose quartz against your body since rose quartz corresponds to the heart.

It helps stir the energy around that chakra by bringing up the emotions you need to heal. Placing crystals on one’s body has a more intense effect when compared to simply holding them.

It does not matter how you decide to use your crystal; when one understands its features, it makes them much more impactful. For everything related to love, you can buy Aquamarine Crystal to get what you are looking for.