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Although, it has been said that small is extremely beautiful, the opposite is also true. Quite often than not, many people fall in love with oversized objects.

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Lab Grown Diamond Cocktail Rings Have Already Emerged As The Latest Fashion Statement

Today, cocktail rings have already emerged as a fashion statement. They are typically worn by many women during cocktail parties. It is from there the name 'cocktail' is derived. As far as the origin of  cocktail rings is concerned, they can be traced way back to a period in the history of America known as the prohibition era. This particular period already witnessed a massive transformation owing to the social change taking place as a consequence of the freedom movement of women.

Woman who participated in drinking parties used to flaunt their expensive and oversized Lab Grown Diamond Cocktail Rings. During the emergence of such oversized rings, they were actually carved in precious metals like gold and even platinum.

Even large-sized gemstones for example emeralds, diamonds, and even sapphires were also utilized as a centerpiece with tiny gemstones being wrapped around them. Today, Lab Grown Diamond Rings are back in trend again. Such precious jewellery pieces are worn by women during many events.

This may include formal events to casual occasions. In fact, many celebrities are also found wearing their statement pieces, and Rose Gold Cocktail Ring during award shows, gatherings, and other types of similar events.

In today's time, leading designers are utilizing precious, semi-precious as well as faux stones that are working as centerpieces. Prices of cocktail rings are dependent upon metal & stones that are utilized along with the design intricacies involved.

Women's Lab Grown Diamond Cocktail Rings

Do you fancy adding oversized and precious cocktail rings to your jewellery box? If yes, then you can now buy from our stunning collection of lab grown diamond cocktail rings for women online. Our company has been offering fabulous and exclusive collection of diamond rings with greatest of lab grown diamond ring designs and lucrative offers. The breath-taking display comprises diamond cocktail rings that are carved of gold, platinum other precious metals to name a few.

Price of the ring varies in every category. You can actually pick up cocktail rings that match your preferences and fits into your budget. our artisans carefully utilize selected precious stones to create Lab Grown Diamond Cocktail Rings that enhances its elegance manifold.

Jewellery collection comprises rings that are made up of gold, white gold, platinum, and time including studded diamond around them. So, if you are actually an admirer of precious and semi-precious stone, then just have a look at our latest vintage cocktail rings designs that are surely going to take your breath away.

Such jewellery pieces are artistic, big, beautiful & bold. They are an expression of intricate craftsmanship and are surely going to add a matchless value to your jewellery collection and fashion quotient alike.

Since the budget of customers is a crucial determinant of our exclusive cocktail ring designs, thus, our diverse array of Queen Solitaire Beautiful Ring will be facilitating you to choose that fits right into your budget.

Visit our website for purchasing unique and affordable designer cocktail rings that will surely be leaving you dazzled and people around you mesmerized.

Designer Lab Grown Diamond Cocktail Rings Will Surely Be Leaving You Dazzled & Mesmerized

A giant ring wrapped around your finger is a definite head-turner for guests and the people around. Get ready to take inspiration from modern day's style trends and aesthetics by checking out our most exclusive array of diamond.

Our precious jewellery pieces have been intricately designed and developed by expert craftsmen for modern and virtuous women of today's time. Get ready to flaunt the dominance, as well as self-identity at every parties and others, get together through the purchase of extraordinary Lab Grown Diamond Cocktail Rings online.

All our precious and giant rings have been skillfully crafted by expert and talented artisans in order to match your individualized style and sense of taste.

Diamond cocktail rings are undeniably an extremely delicate and highly precious piece of jewellery. A band of metal that is worn around the fingers is capped out of different precious metals.

This may include metal like gold, silver, platinum, or even beads that are embedded with gemstones. With diamond stone encrusted in the ring, it is going to add an extraordinary design and unique look to every jewellery piece.

Get ready to purchase big, beautiful, and extremely bold expression of  craftsmanship that simply adds matchless value to your exquisite collection of jewellery.

Explore Marvelous Collection Of Lab Grown Diamond Cocktail Rings Online

You can also choose from contemporary as well as floral designs that are definitely going to help you in representing your unique elegance and femininity.

Whenever you feel confident enough, just choose our precious jewellery piece from our unique designer lab grown diamond cocktail rings collection online.

Big glittering gemstones that stands in the middle of the ring, will translate into bold as well as intrepidity of wearers, making them a prime focus in every parties and get-togethers events.

We are a well known leading diamond Jewellery brands that caters to the demands of every customers with newest and latest designs in rings as well as customized jewellery. Just be ready to explore marvelous collection of diamond cocktail rings at our online jewellery store.

If creating your own style statement is your forte, then you should not look other than our vibrant Lab Grown Diamond Daily Wear Rings collection.

Create Your custom ring design of your dreams

Named rightly, Lab Grown Diamond Cocktail Rings are definitely the beckon of every eye during gala events. What is better than wearing a statement ring during cocktail party event. The glistening, dazzling gems with  bubbling glass illuminate completely in the hands of prominent females during social events.

The distinction between diamond cocktail rings with sparkling cluster of gemstones spanning across fingers looks astonishing. Ruby, emerald as well as sapphire cocktail rings provides you with a colorful palette that is going to tantalize your eyes. Whatever your unique choice of gemstone is, you will surely be highly impressed by our latest cocktail rings designs offered by us.

Diamond cocktail rings undeniably testify to this particular fact. From time immemorial, oversized pieces of jewellery became extremely popular. Thus, diamond cocktail rings have set a new trend in the industry. They are also considered cluster rings.

These stunning big pieces of jewellery were in vogue many decades ago. But now they are actually making a comeback with innovative and latest diamond cocktail rings designs that are surely going to steal your heart and make an extraordinary impression on anyone around you.

Find Original And One-Of-A-Kind Diamond Cocktail Rings

Our online store is already abounding with glimmering and listening statement pieces that have been crafted from gold, diamond, platinum, and different treasured stones.

In our online gallery of products, you will be able to find original and one-of-a-kind diamond cocktail rings that have been created by expert artisans. Thus, each and every Lab Grown Diamond Cocktail rings are being individually curated by master craftsmen adhering to strictest of international quality standards.

Even if you have any unique idea or design in your mind, communicate everything to our artisans who will work with you to create custom design of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lab grown diamond cocktail ring?

It is a magnificent piece of jewellery that features a lab grown diamond at its center & is designed to make a dramatic & glamorous statement.

How do I choose a perfect Lab Grown Diamond Cocktail Ring?

When it comes to choosing a perfect cocktail ring, keep the given factors in mind. Factors such as Setting a budget, choosing the diamond’s carat weight & color, checking that the diamond has no flaws, & considering the cut. Also, select the color & type of metal to create the perfect combination of style & value.

Is it Ok to wear a cocktail ring every day?

Cocktail rings are oversized statement pieces that are worn for special occasions but are not meant for everyday wear. Their bold & extravagant design may not be practical for daily activities & could potentially lead to discomfort & damage. It may, however, differ from individual to individual.

Where can I buy a lab grown diamond cocktail ring?

Find diamond cocktail rings at Ayaani Diamonds for the ultimate solution. Our exquisite collection of cocktail rings effortlessly complements the latest fashion trends under your budget. Each piece is uniquely crafted with intricate designs & colors that are vibrant and beautiful.

How do I care for my lab grown diamond cocktail ring?

Want to keep your lab grown diamond cocktail ring looking its best? Follow this simple to keep it sparkling & beautiful. Show your ring it deserves.

  • Regularly clean with a soft brush
  • Keep it shielded in its own dedicated soft pouch.

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