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Nothing is better than the chic and classic style time of fashion rings. With gorgeous and timeless diamonds available in an array of ring styles.

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Lab Grown Diamond Fashion Rings Online in India

We believe that every person deserves a gem. And it is our passion for diamond Jewellery which is combined with over 30 years of industry experience, that has led us to deliver stunning collection of diamond fashion rings., we have everything that is going to ample up your personalized style.

From statement to infinity diamond fashion rings, the collection of jewellery that we present to our customer is always in style as well as trend. Whether you want to dress up for a date night or want to spice up your office look, you will surely be able to find fashion rings that complements your style.

A little sparkle goes an extremely long way. At Ayaani diamonds, our company aims to make luxury diamond fashion rings affordable for everyone. So be ready to discover an extremely new element of style questioned by browsing through our most extensive collection of diamond fashion rings online.

Check Out Most Exquisite Lab Grown Diamond Fashion Rings Online

A memorable moment captured in the sparkle of fashion ring communicates its timeless beauty. Every jewellery piece communicates its own story which has been captured in the diving facets of the sparkling gem. We have a collection of pure, refined, opulence as well as show-stopping lab grown diamond fashion rings for women.

Our most exquisite designs are capable of suiting to every taste as it combines timeless style along with effortless beauty for everyone. One can easily browse through our striking collection of Lab Grown Diamond Rings online to find their perfect match.

Whether you are searching for classy elegance white gold band or you are looking forward to own traditional richness of yellow gold metal, there are undeniably several options for everyone. Just get ready to turn heads with sparkling fashion rings collections online.

Select from romantic princess cut, simple brilliant-cut, or any other type of style that perfectly matches your special occasion.

Lab Grown Diamond Fashion Rings for Wedding and Engagement

There is no other day more special for a girl than her wedding. It is an extremely unforgettable experience. So to make it more special, just browse through our collection of Lab Grown Diamond Fashion Rings and choose the one perfect for you and your partner.

Simply get in touch with our representatives either through online chat or phone and gain expert advice and assistance. We have a collection of the array of jewellery pieces that are available for sale on our online store, so you can find the perfect lab grown diamond fashion rings that you have always dreamt of.

Diamond Jewellery is Symbolizing Passion, Perfection, Purity & Pristine

A diamond is known for its sparkle and radiance. It is something that lasts forever. Also, wearing a ring signifies that a couple's relationship is forever. Every diamond fashion rings that are displayed on our website is specifically carved exemplifying the feelings and emotions that a person feels for their respective partner.

These precious gems undeniably speaks a volume for its style, grace, sophistication as well as memory. The list goes on. Wearing Lab Grown Diamond Fashion Rings seems like a fairy-tale experience for any girl.

As she might have dreamt of wearing it someday. Diamond Jewellery Staples is symbolizing passion, perfection, purity as well as pristine. It is all these distinctive features that are setting our timeless fashion rings class apart.

Just imagine a simple gold band with a moderate and minimal design. Now just imagine a similar gold band with crystalline diamonds embedded into it. Thus, our exceptional and stunning collection of fashion rings undeniably speaks volumes.

Every diamond has its own story and experience to impart the wearer. The precious gem is not only comprised of perfectly cut carbon atoms along with facets as well as surfaces but there is something more.

Fashion rings help in forging an emotional bond between you and your partner. Lucky are those people who exchange diamond rings on special occasions like engagements and weddings. Such precious pieces of Lab Grown Diamond Daily Wear Rings speak about their eternal saga of love.

We Have The Most Competent Collection Of Latest Diamond Fashion Ring Designs

We have the most competent collection of latest diamond fashion rings designs at our online store. It is something that goes even beyond your imagination. Even if you are not able to find appropriate diamond latest Lab Grown Diamond Fashion Rings, opt for a custom service.

Our talented craft men will be more than delighted to create customized jewellery pieces exactly as per your taste and unique requirements. Since our company fully understands and at the same time acknowledges the fact that a fashion engagement rings ring is a precious and timeless possession.

Thus, we let you explore full and extensive range of mesmerizing fashion ring collections online. You can expect only certified as well as authentic jewellery on our e-Commerce platform.

Diamond fashion rings are worn for many reasons by people

Lab Grown Diamond Fashion Rings are undeniably the most treasured possession. Diamond fashion rings are worn not only to create a statement but also to flaunt your individual style and are also an expression of love on a special occasion.

It is also one of the best options to gift special someone in your life. At Ayaani diamonds, fashion rings are being designed and developed to suit your personalized style and choice. Our fabulous collection is including rings for almost all types of occasions. This includes weddings, anniversaries, engagements, and even everyday wear.

Fashion Ring designs are worn for many reasons by people. It can be a style statement, fashion quotient, or a symbol of eternal love and commitment.

Our online store is your single-stop destination for purchasing Lab Grown Diamond Fashion Rings for any type of occasion. You can choose from ring designs that are classic, contemporary, vintage, or even unique modern designs, anything with just a click.

Check Out Our New Arrivals – Latest Additions In Our Exquisite Collection

Our collection of diamond jewellery includes stunning anniversary rings, wedding rings, eternity rings, Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings, and so on.

Even when you are not able to find what exactly you are looking for, our designers will help create an unique piece of jewellery. One can simply browse through website to ascertain an extensive selection of Lab Grown Diamond Fashion Rings to buy online at extremely attractive prices.

For further information, all you have to do is to click on the ring section for getting details as well as the product specifications. Simply don't forget to view all products for sale and check out new arrivals on the latest additions in our exquisite collection.

Fashion Rings For Women

Our fashion rings for women are simply elegant, classic, and sophisticated. Every ring design focuses on enhancing the brilliant precious metals. The beautiful and sparkling gemstone is set in various distinctive settings for creating a perfect look.

We have the widest array of luxury lab grown diamond fashion rings. Apart from our most exclusive collection online, we also customize bespoke fashion rings as per individualized requirements.

With three decades of heritage, our jewellery store is extremely well known for its integrated craftsmanship and keen eye for every small detail. Shopping for your designer fashion ring has never been so convenient before!

Create Your Own statement With Fabulous Fashion Ring Collections Online

With just a few clicks, you will be able to order your fashion Jewellery rings online with nationwide as well as international shipping. Have any questions or queries in mind?

Our team would be more than delighted to assist with the virtual or in-person consultation. Get ready to create your fashion statement for the expression of your love with our stunning and fabulous Lab Grown Diamond Fashion Rings collections online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different styles of diamond fashion rings?

Diamond fashion rings are the epitome of glamour and self-expression. Discover these stunning styles of diamond fashion rings that exude elegance & individuality:

  • Solitaire: A single diamond, capture the essence of refined simplicity.
  • Halo: A center diamond embraced by a sparkling halo
  • Vintage: Intricate design inspired bygone eras, adding a touch of nostalgia & charm.
  • Cluster: Multiple diamonds arranged closely together for a striking effect.

Which hand should be used for the fashion ring?

When it comes to wearing fashion rings, there are no set rules. Follow your heart & adorn the hand that speaks to your unique style & personality. Whether it’s your dominant hand or non-dominant, let your fashion be your symbol of self-expression & confidence.

What is the standard size of a fashion ring?

Although the sizes vary, the standard size for women's fashion ring is 3/14mm to 9/19mm while men's fashion ring ranges from 8/18.2mm to 14/23mm. To ensure the perfect fit, it is recommended to consult a jeweler or use a ring-sizing guide.

How do I choose fashion jewellery?

When choosing jewellery, consider your personal style, and the occasion & opt for high-quality pieces that resonate with you.


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