Solitaire Rings

Solitaire is considered a single diamond ring or precious gemstone being set into a jewellery piece. The  term ‘solitaire’ is applied to any type of jewellery piece actually holding a single stone.

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Embrace Ethical Beauty with Lab Grown Diamon Solitaire Rings

It just illustrates the jewellery piece – a single stone. With lab grown diamond solitaire rings in your finger, it’s not hard to steal spotlight during any occasion. Unlike other ring designs that rise or fall in popularity, solitaire is timeless, classic and has a unvarying resolute appeal.However, it is important to remember that this term does not signifies the ring shape.

Apart from demonstrating extremely clean and glittering lines, single stone serves as a dazzling focal point. This makes it extremely popular among diamond solitaire rings lovers. With an extremely rich popularity and never-ending styles and designs, diamond solitaire rings are undeniably a pure representation of class and concentrated radiance leaving everyone spellbound.

Whether you are searching for engagement rings or want to celebrate crucial milestone of your life, we have solitaire rings designs curated for you.

Solitaire Diamond Ring Symbolizes Love & Beauty

The timeless and single lab grown diamond solitaire rings symbolize love and beauty. Crafted by hand, imbibing certified solitaires, our sophisticated diamond ring showcases outstanding sparkle of precious gems. Just be ready to discover an elegant collection of solitaire lab grown diamond rings for women at our e-store.

Being a true statement piece, diamond solitaire rings is a symbol of admiration and commitment. Simply iconic in refinement as well as design, our solitaire diamond engagement ring is a classic and timeless piece of jewellery.

The simplicity of a single diamond is simply adding to the enduring beauty, and elegance making it a perfect choice for your partner.

Buy Custom Solitaire Ring That Suits Your Special Occasion

Diamond solitaire rings let your partner simply dazzle up through an intricately cut and single diamond on a radiant metal band of your unit choice. There is also plenty of room for customization facilitating the creation of a lab grown diamond solitaire rings of your choice.

One can get every type of cut in a budget. So, just stay rest assured that one will be able to find perfect diamond solitaire rings for any special occasion at our online jewellery store. Through undisputed elegance in design, our classic and timeless rings symbolize promise and purity.

It is something that marks the embodiment of love through a glittering showpiece that glimmers in natural light. It offers beauty as well as profound simplicity like no other jewellery piece.

Whether you put your eyes on round, oval, or even princess-cut stone, our exquisite diamond solitaire rings make you stand apart in the crowd.

Lab Grown Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings

Already has a specific idea or design in mind for a special moment in your life? If yes then our team of style guides and advisors is here to embark on a journey of creating the perfect piece for customers. Initiating with just a simple sketch, our talented artists have often created complicated designs that our clients were delighted to have.

We understand that picking up an Lab Grown Engagement ring can be a tricky process. Sometimes it turns out to be a bit overwhelming as well when deciding what you want to purchase.

We prides itself in providing with the opportunity to own bespoke lab grown diamond solitaire rings to ensure you are making the right decision. We are also offering a fantastic array of gems in case someone wants to try out something different.

We are also stocking certified laboratory grown gems that are better known as lab grown diamonds. While shopping for rings for a special occasion, one should know what exactly they are getting from their investment. More importantly, it is crucial to not invest in overpriced jewellery pieces.

We prioritizes customers and works with them to strike a deal within their budget. Also, we ensure complete transparency so that our customers know exactly what they are buying.

Our exclusive range of lab grown diamond solitaire rings includes various types of stones, style types as well as designs to choose from. engagement diamond solitaire rings combine age-old craftsmanship with a keen eye for every detail.

experts carefully select gold and silver metals that are being independently assessed as well as hallmarked. The precious metal in our diamond big solitaire rings is hand-selected for extraordinary brilliance as well as sparkle. Get ready to shop extraordinary solitaire rings from us and embark on a journey of life-transforming purchase.

Celebrity Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire Rings

Want to unlock your creative potential? Look out for some inspiration while purchasing solitaire Lab Grown Diamond rings . What is better than looking for jewellery from celebrities for firing up your artistic intuition?

At Ayaani diamonds, countless iconic celebrity solitaire rings designs assist in drawing inspiration from star-studded precious metal jewellery. Seeking a engagement ring is a special moment. However, for celebrities, it's all about owning the biggest diamond. From classic, and timeless to vintage, just be ready for a big solitaire ring.

Celebrities have already broken the mold and demonstrated designer celebrity engagement rings that serve as gorgeous statement jewellery pieces. You can create custom lab grown diamond solitaire rings design which is the look-alike of your favorite celebrity statement jewellery piece. Whether you have a specific idea in mind, a picture of your drawing, or some creative inspiration, our artisans assist in turning your vision into reality.

Our company started lab grown jewellery brand over 30 years back with a promise to provide premium quality and ethically sourced gemstones. Thus, we are extremely proud to present glorious stones of excellent quality and celebrity lab grown diamond cocktail rings of incredible intricacies and exquisite artistry.

Capture Every Special Moment With Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire Rings

Each Lab Grown Diamond daily wear rings design is ethically sourced and crafted by expert artisans. For getting a unique celebrity engagement ring of your choice, we also offer bespoke jewellery design service. Any moment captured in the sparkle of diamond solitaire rings speaks about its timeless beauty.

When everyone knows that diamonds are forever, what is the better way to capture precious moment of your life than with immaculate provenance stone that speaks more than words? At our online jewellery store, lab grown diamond solitaire rings communicate their own story, capturing its daring facets set in our beautiful gemstones.

Find the Perfect Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire Rings You Have Dreamt Of:

From romantic solitaire rings to captivating clusters, we blend opulence and elegance of the gemstone, to mark your journey of togetherness of enduring passion.

Just be ready to capture every special moment with diamond solitaire rings with standard delivery and availability of interest rate credit on the qualifying jewellery pieces.

At our online jewellery store, we simply ensure that one is able to find Trending lab grown diamond ring designs of 2022 they have already dreamt of.

Frequently Asked Quesions

Where can I buy a lab grown diamond solitaire ring?

Are you looking to buy lab grown solitaire ring? Choose Ayaani Diamonds a reputable brand, we offer a wide range of options both online & offline. We prioritize customer convenience and provide exceptional service, ensuring authenticity and brilliance in every piece.

How much does a lab grown diamond solitaire ring cost?

It depends on various factors such as the carat weight, the cut, the clarity, & the metal setting that determine the price of a lab diamond solitaire ring.

Factors to consider when choosing a lab grown diamond solitaire ring?

When choosing a lab grown diamond solitaire ring, consider factors such as the diamond’s cut, carat, weight, color, & clarity. Additionally, think about the metal type & setting style that suits your preference. Ensure the ring is certified & comes from a trusted jeweler.

Tips to ensure the longevity of a lab grown diamond solitaire ring?

A simple mixture of soap & water can clean your lab grown diamond solitaire ring. Prepare a solution by mixing four cups of water with a spoonful of mild detergent. Soak the jewellery in this solution and gently clean it using a soft cloth. This method effectively removes dirt & keeps your lab grown diamond solitaire ring looking its best.

  1. What are the types of solitaire diamond ring settings?
  • Prong ring setting: Diamonds are held in place by metal claws or prongs, which enhance their brilliance by allowing maximum light to enter.
  • Halo ring setting: The design incorporates a center diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds to create a striking halo effect that adds sparkle to the piece.
  • Tension ring setting: It is a unique and modern style where diamonds are held in place by applying tension to the metal band, creating a captivating & eye-catching design.
  • Bezel ring setting: Diamonds are encircled by sleek, contemporary metal rims that provide both protection & style.

Pave ring setting: The band is adorned with tiny diamonds set closely together, creating a continuous sparkle & a luxurious appearance.


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