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Why should you purchase lab grown diamond rings?

History of lab made diamonds and their benefits

The iconic trend of diamonds has been going on for many years. Thus, it is rightly said that diamonds are a girl's best friend. Right now, lab grown diamond rings are gaining the momentum that once natural gemstones did.

Purchasing the perfect diamond ring designs is where every girl struggles. A wide range of options is available in various shapes and sizes. And the introduction of lab grown diamond rings in the market is like adding a cherry on top. Diamonds grown in labs are just like natural gemstones – physically, chemically, and optically. They are visually indistinguishable and are made of carbon, just like naturally extracted gemstones. However, the most important thing you must know about lab grown diamond rings or any other lab jewelry is that they cost less. You can purchase a bigger carat stone without breaking your budget.

Curious to know about the history of lab grown gemstones? Let us tell you in brief. After it was discovered in 1797 that diamonds are made of carbon, many attempts were made to produce them in laboratories. In 1940 the movement gained momentum when the scientists in the United States successfully grew diamonds through CVD and HPHT methods. You can check out our blog Everything you need to know about lab grown diamond jewellery to learn more about these methods. General Electric was the first company credited with creating significant qualities of lab-made gemstones during the 1950s. However, it was only after the 1980s that lab made gemstones were made commercially available.

The introduction of lab grown diamond rings has made it very easy for every girl to buy trending diamond earrings. The budget-friendly cost and the similarity in appearance have made lab gemstones a favorite among millennials.

Let us check out our latest diamond ring collections for 2022.

Popular lab grown diamond rings design

Diamond Engagement Rings

If you want to get married, the first thought that comes into your mind is to buy that perfect engagement ring for your lady love. Ayaani offers you diamond rings for women that are sophisticated and perfect for your proposal.

Seven Stones Diamond Ring

Our sevens stones diamond ring is available in shades of yellow, white, and rose gold. This collection of lab grown diamond rings displays the fire and sparkle of seven stones studded in the metal. The ring's unique design will surely turn heads and make any girl stand out from the crowd. The stones are intricately set in the metal to give a spectacular look to your lady love.

Dazzling Lab Grown Diamond Wedding Ring

This dazzling solitaire shape ring is timeless and classy. The ring is available in metal shades of yellow, white, and rose gold. It perfectly highlights the center stone, thus enhancing the classic charm and elegance of the ring. Lab grown diamond rings are particularly famous for their allure and aura, just like natural gemstones. This dazzling lab grown wedding ring is no exception. So, if you are someone who wants to invest in stunning diamond rings for ladies, you should definitely give this ring a try!

Halo Diva Diamond Ring

This halo diva diamond ring is encrusted with 40 stones and is available in metal shades of white, rose, and yellow gold. The center stone is encircled with tiny stones, giving the ring a glamorous look. It is one of the best diamond rings designed in our collection. Stones are also encrusted on the metal band. If your girl likes to wear flashy things and prefers everything grand and magnificent, this ring is definitely for her. Lab grown diamond rings are available at a much lesser price than natural gemstones, and the price of this extravagant ring holds for this statement.

Marquise Shape Lab Diamond Ring

The unique design of the marquise-shaped lab-grown diamond rings is quite popular and famous among millennials. The ring is encrusted with 20 round stones giving it an overall magnificent look. The impressive and distinct look of the ring will make any girl stand out from the crowd and gain everyone's attention. It can easily be paired with casual wear or even your work clothes and thus amp up your entire look.

Bubble Prong Delicate Diamond Band

The design of the bubble prong delicate diamond band is quite minimalistic and simple. It has the right amount of subtleness, grace, and sophistication. Lab grown diamond rings India are quite popular for their charm and appeal, which is the case with this ring. Diamonds are encrusted in the ring in a bubble-like form giving a ring its required attractiveness and beauty. It is available in metal shades of rose, white, and yellow gold and will beautifully complement any simple and casual wear dress. It will even amp up your boring and plain clothes and give any girl the look of her dreams.

Stylist Lab Grow Diamond Ring

The metal band of the ring is unique and extraordinary. This lab grown diamond ring is made of a total of 24 stones and is available in metal hues of yellow, rose, and white gold. The ring is made of a single solitaire stone, while the metal band is studded with small tiny stones. Although the ring's design is quite causal, you can also pair it up with your dresses to give it a unique touch of grace and class.

Queen Solitaire Beautiful Ring

A cocktail ring is often characterized as having a single large stone encircled by many tiny small stones. The design of the queen solitaire beautiful ring is exactly similar to the description mentioned above. These lab grown diamond rings are made of two large stones, where one of the stones is encircled by small tiny stones. It is quite exemplary and beautiful. The ring will complement your dress for all your night parties or brunch look.

Dazzle Solitaire Diamond Ring

This simple solitaire lab grown diamond rings is available in yellow, rose, and white gold metal hues. The ring is made of a single stone and is perfect for everyday wear. If you are confused about their everyday jewelry, the ring is a perfect choice for you. The diamond ring's price is also quite affordable and will not break your bank.

Please go and look at our latest collection of lab grown diamond rings that we are sure will mesmerize your soul and spirit!