Find Your Glamour Statement Glam With Ayaani's Fashion Rings

Luxury Round Cut Lab Grown Diamond Ring

Level-up your glamour with our luxury round cut lab grown diamond ring crafted for style statement exclusively for all the fashion-forward women.

Trendy Open Leaf Style Diamond Wedding Ring

Indulge in the beauty with our trendy open leaf-style diamond wedding ring, promising to be the perfect complement to your special day’s glamour.

Buy Antique Lab Grown Diamond Dazzling Ring

Make our antique lab grown diamond dazzling ring a cherished addition to your wardrobe collection for years to come.

Round Cut Vintage Style Diamond Ring

Step into the timeless aura with our round cut vintage style diamond ring, making it perfect for cocktail night evenings.

Contemporary Half Diamond Twist Wedding Band

Add a modern twist to your love story with our contemporary half-diamond twist wedding band which is a self-expression of love in itself.

Modern Lab Grown Diamond Bar Wedding Ring

Celebrate your love story with our modern lab grown diamond bar wedding ring that symbolizes the unbreakable bond between you and your partner.