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What Are the Types of Diamond Necklaces?

What Are the Types of Diamond Necklaces

Introduction To The World Of Diamond Necklaces

Everything about diamonds is beautiful and superlative. These precious gemstones are the rarest, hardest, shiniest, alluring, and most sought-after among all the stones out there. There may be various reasons why one is attracted to this gemstone, or it may vary from person to person.

Some are fascinated by their lustrous shine and immaculate beauty, while some consider them a symbol of status and power. Others feel it is a sign of lasting love and commitment, giving the person a sense of confidence, while others might think they are a good investment alternative.

Irrespective of the reasons, there is nothing like beautiful diamond necklaces. This coveted timeless beauty will never go outdated and remain the most desirable jewelry among others. Necklaces capture light in a way that brightens up your face and enhances your body features, elevating your looks by adding elegance no matter the occasion.

There are endless style options available when it comes to choosing the necklace for you, including solitaire, drop, tennis, and much more. Here, we have put together some of the most popular types of necklaces for you to decide which one best suit your persona.

Diamond Necklaces Types And Styles

It is rightly said that there is a necklace style for everyone, no matter the personal taste one possesses. In addition to different diamond shapes and stone types, there are many necklace styles to choose from.

1. Solitaire Diamond Necklaces

A necklace featuring a single diamond is known as a solitaire necklace. Considered one of the most classic styles that have always stood the test of time and will forever remain a timeless design and favorite amongst everyone.

Our solitaire halo infinity drop features a pendant with brilliant diamonds showing off the stone’s fire and elegance in the best possible manner.

2. Tennis Necklaces

A necklace that appends a style of elegant simplicity and sophistication to the wearer, tennis necklaces are too pretty to have in your wardrobe collection. This delicate necklace comprises a symmetrical pattern of diamonds connected by a thin, precious metal chain.

Tennis necklaces are simple and can be worn with anything from festive wear to casual day outfits. Moreover, they are great for layering with other jewels.

3. Choker Necklace

One of the most popular diamond necklaces for women, a choker necklace is a design that closely fits around your neck. Mostly chokers are narrower than collar necklaces and are considered the perfect bridal ornament because of the sheer radiance it eludes.

A versatile fashion statement that complements any outfit and can be customized based on your convenience and personal style.

4. Drop Necklace

One of the most classic yet timeless styles you will ever come across, drop necklaces are a fascinating piece of statement to have in your collection. These necklaces comprise pendants or multiple pendants that drop down from the chain.

There is nothing that can match the dramatic effect of a drop necklace, whether it has one stone at the center or multiple rows of stones. Although the diamond necklace setting will play a major role in the drop necklace style, you will definitely want to pay attention to the metal used.

5. Floating Diamond Necklace

The floating necklace features a center stone suspended from a dainty, delicate chain. Such necklaces can also be surrounded by an even or uneven set of loose gemstones that creates a floating stream effect.

This necklace is exceptional because the stone is positioned in a way that maximizes exposure. Although round-cut is a classic choice for such necklaces, you may opt for a halo style, princess, or oval shape for optimum brilliance and sparkle.

Diamond Necklaces: Finding The Perfect One

There are many endless choices when it comes to choosing the perfect necklace that best fits your personal style. But with that also comes certain factors you need to consider, such as the style and fashion of the wearer, because what may appeal to your mother may not necessarily be liked by your beloved.

You must also consider who you are purchasing for, the occasion, style, quality, and, most importantly, budget. Also, when it comes to buying diamonds, one can never really have enough of them. You can never go wrong when considering necklaces as a gifting option.

Unlike other jewelry pieces, necklaces will be appreciated over time. And what’s more when you have got a variety of choices to seek from. With never-ending choices, you are sure to find something that suits your taste or that of your loved ones.

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