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Which Diamond Shape Gives The Illusion Of A Larger Stone?

Which Diamond Shape Gives The Illusion Of A Larger Stone

Does Diamond Shape Impact Their Apparent Size: Is it True?

With so many glimmering options to choose from, we all yearn for a diamond ring that pops out in the crowd. A delightful journey to find out the perfect engagement ring for our unforgettable moments starts with selecting the shape and carat weight. But here’s the interesting part- each diamond shape weaves its own unique illusionary size. In short, every shape of the diamond sizes vary & you may already know that every shape is not created equally.

Isn’t it fascinating that despite having the same diamond carat size, some diamond shapes appear larger than others? But this is true that some shapes create the illusion of a larger stone than they are. It’s all about finding the perfect shape that enhances your sparkle and style. Let’s find out further in the article which diamond shape is illusionary bigger than its carat weight.

The Illusion of Size: Which Diamond Shape Appears Bigger  

Explore our comprehensive diamond shapes guide and learn which shapes can create the illusion of being larger than their actual weight.

Round categories

  • Oval shape- An elongated cut diamond, which makes them appear larger than they actually are. This is because the oval shape creates a larger surface area than other shapes, such as round or square.
  • Cushion shape – For nearly two centuries, the cushion-cut diamond has been a beloved choice, boasting rounded edges.
  • Round shape – It is among the most Popular Shapes for Diamond Solitaire Rings that have 58 facet cuts divided among its crown [top], girdle [widest part], & pavilion [base]. Additionally, it properly reflects light and brilliance, which makes it superior to any other diamond shape.   Additionally, it properly reflects light and brilliance, which makes it superior to any other diamond shape.

Square categories

  • Princess shape – A pointed traditionally square cut that has 76 facets with fiery sparkle and brilliance.
  • Asscher Shape – These step-cut diamonds generate amazing bursts of light that mesmerize the spectator with their distinctive “hall of mirrors” appearance. Its unique combination of rectangular facets & captivating clefts at the tops makes a timeless appeal of sophistication.

Fancy categories

  • Pear shape – Also known as ‘’teardrop shape’’ boast a single tapered point and rounded end. Its well-proportioned faceting arrangement ensures its charm and beauty.
  • Marquise Shape- An ‘smiley-cut’ diamond known for its curved shape. Their pointed end makes them look even larger.
  • Heart shape- Since the 16th century, a heart-shaped diamond ring was gifted to Queen Elizabeth as a symbol of love by queen scots. This unique cut has 58 facets & resembles a pear shape with round edges & clefts at its peak, making it a precious & artistic choice.

Lastly, to answer the question ‘’Which diamond shapes appear bigger?’’. From the above-given shapes

First, the Marquise shape appears larger due to its slim and elongated shape. Second, the oval shape offers a larger look that is ideal for showcasing the center stone. Third, round shape out of all types of diamond shapes, when it comes to size maximization, a round shape is the ideal perfect cutting and placement of its facets that creates a marvelous & sparkling effect.

How To Pick Diamond Shape For Your Engagement Ring

Each diamond rings shapes have its own perks and pair well with certain band styles. Whether you are looking for a ring that fits your lifestyle or your fashion sense, you can find a variety of options that will make your heart skip a beat. Find the perfect diamond shape to flatter your fingers & hands. Below is the given Diamond shape:  

  • For Short Fingers: For smaller fingers, a diamond with a lower-carat weight works best. Diamond shapes that would be pleasing to the eyes on smaller hands are round, asscher, & princess cut.
  • For Long Fingers: Choose an oval, marquise, pear, or emerald cut if your fingers have wide & long. If you are someone who has long fingers, try shapes such as round or princess cuts. It helps in balancing out the length of your fingers.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to personal preference. Let your heart guide you, as it symbolizes your love & commitment. Find a shape that resonates with you and makes your heart skip a beat.


However, ensure to take all aspects into consideration when selecting a diamond, to ensure that it perfectly reflects your style & heart. Whether it is marquise, oval, round, pear, or any other shape, every types of diamond shapes have unique advantages & complement specific band style.