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What Are The Healing Properties Of Tourmaline Stone?

What are the healing properties of tourmaline stone

Tourmaline Stone: Meaning, Healing Properties, And Much More

Have you ever heard about a Tourmaline Stone? Well, it is a gemstone that belongs to a complicated family of borosilicate mixed with iron, magnesium, or various other minerals depending upon the proportions of its components.

It is a mineral with opaque transparency and is part of a hexagonal crystal system. It comes in many colors, including black, pink, green, purple, watermelon, and many others. The amazing colors of the Tourmaline make it popular for making jewelry carved out of it, a practice that has been followed down through the ages.

The origin of Tourmaline has been found in many places around the globe. Brazil and sites around Africa produce most of the world’s Tourmaline. Other mining sites include Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, North America, India, Russia, Burma, Australia, and more.

Meaning And History Of Tourmaline Stone

The name tourmaline derives from the Sinhalese word turmali which means stone with mixed colors. It is a crystal silicate mineral and is an 8th-anniversary milestone celebration gemstone.

Rumored to be born from the unique energy of a rainbow, Tourmaline’s shades ripple with imaginative, joyful, and attractive perfect prosperity. A Spanish conqueror discovered Tourmaline in Brazil, but it was mistaken for Emerald. Later, it was identified as a tourmaline stone and its properties. It has been believed for centuries that Tourmaline brings to the wearer a variety of virtues.

If you are interested to know more about other such stones, you can start your discovery with synthetic Garnet.

Common Healing Properties Of Tourmaline Stone

Let us discuss some tourmaline healing properties to understand the gemstone and its mystical powers better.

1. Physical Healing Properties

Tourmaline is a great aid for the immune system and nervous systems. It helps your body take a healthy approach, especially in terms of digestion. So, if you are struggling with stomach issues, Tourmaline can be a great healer. Tourmaline will help you strengthen your bones and teeth and lifts your hand-eye coordination capabilities.

Green Tourmaline benefits those who feel sluggish or suffer from chronic fatigue.

2. Mental And Emotional Healing Properties

While different shades of Tourmaline work to connect with different types of chakras, the main chakras that we tend to focus on are the heart chakra and the base chakra. One of the leading powers of tourmaline stone is taking negative thoughts and lending a positive aroma to the environment.

Color Healing with Tourmaline is magical because different colors of Tourmaline heal differently, such as:

  • To practice a little more self-compassion in life, you can have green Tourmaline.
  • To cut through anxiety in your life, you can use black Tourmaline.
  • Pink Tourmaline will help you bring joy and promotes self-love.
  • Blue tourmaline will help you softly work through trauma and get a place of deep healing.
  • For those who want to boost confidence and need to take more action keeping red Tourmaline in any form will help you achieve it.

3. Metaphysical Healing Properties

Tourmaline works well with all the chakras to keep the energy flowing in full force; the stone will take care of everything from the root chakra to the crown and the heart chakra to the third eye. Though different shades work with different chakras, the root and the heart are mostly connected with Tourmaline.

With a tourmaline that gives clear heart chakra, we tend to be open and brimming with deep compassion. On the other hand, root chakra will help you grow and bloom in a positive direction without shaking your foundation. Rhodolite Garnet is another famous gemstone we suggest you should discover.

4. General Healing Properties

Some of the general healing properties of tourmaline stone include the following:

  • One of the most useful stones for removing blockages and releasing the tension, making it helpful for spinal adjustments.
  • It helps you understand yourself and attracts inspiration, prosperity, and compassion tolerance.
  • Tourmaline is also a powerful mental healer that balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain, changing negative energy to positive.
  • It is also referred to as a receptive stone, which is very soothing, calming, magnetic and spiritual and creates peace and wisdom.
  • Tourmaline is also called the stone of reconciliation that fosters cool-headedness and radiates energy that attracts money and friendship.
  • It is also helpful for grounding purposes that stabilize and reaffirm our roots on Earth.

If you are wondering, does Tourmaline scratch easily, or can it be worn for everyday purposes? The answer is a big yes because tourmaline stone makes an excellent choice for a diamond engagement rings. Moreover, they score 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, meaning they are a durable choice for everyday wear.