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How To Choose The Perfect Diamond Ring For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day – A Little History About The Day Of Love

If you think when this all this fuss about valentines day started, well, its history can be traced all the way back to ancient Rome, wherein they celebrated a festival called Lupercalia during mid-February. Lupercalia was observed to pay respect to the god of fertility, where couples usually paired up in a lottery-like manner in the hopes of finding their perfect partner.

Over a period of time, this day became popular for expressing love and affection between couples. Later, Lupercalia was renamed after Saint Valentine. He was known as a martyr who secretly performed marriage ceremonies for Christians during the period of Roman persecution.

The day is said to be quite special for couples madly in love with each other. The day oozes romance and love and is dedicated solely to celebrating love. Thus, it also becomes the perfect day to propose to your special someone. So, if you are contemplating choosing ‘THE DAY’, you have the perfect opportunity in your hand!

Choosing The Perfect Lab Grown Diamond Rings

We know that it is valentine’s day! You have got butterflies in your stomach and are nervous to avoid making any mistakes. Don’t worry because we are here to make your task simple and easy.

The whole act of proposal is romantic and is quite special for couples, and choosing to do it on Valentine’s day makes it all the more special! The entire day is all about chocolates, candlelit dinners, beautiful sunsets, red roses, chocolates, and a starry sky.

However, your one mistake can bring a huge blunder to your entire plan. Thus, let us explore your options and how you can choose the perfect ring for your partner.

First, let us learn how many diamond cuts are available for you to choose from:

  • Round
  • Emerald
  • Cushion
  • Oval
  • Princess
  • Radiant
  • Marquise
  • Asscher
  • Heart
  • Pear

Valentine’s day Jewellery Gift Ideas for Women

You can try these diamond cuts if your special someone has short fingers or smaller hands such as Marquise shaped diamonds, Pear-shaped diamonds, and oval-shaped diamonds.

Oval cuts are really in trend nowadays!Marquise, Pear, and Oval really flatter the hand and also give an illusion of slender and long fingers. Since these cuts have a large surface area, they appear bigger than other cuts of similar carat weight. You should choose thin bands if you are going with these cuts, as wider bands can take up too much space and might also look awkward.

Perfect Diamond Ring for Beloved Partner

If your special someone has chubby fingers, there is nothing to stress about. Having wider fingers means that you can easily present her with a lab grown diamond jewellery that is bigger, bolder, and with some extra bling!

Fancy diamond cuts such as marquise-shaped diamonds, radiant cuts, teardrop diamonds, emerald cuts, and oval cut give the illusion of a slimmer and longer hand. You can also go for three-stone rings as they flatter wide fingers. For bands, you can choose between medium to wide shapes. While thin bands are in trend nowadays, they can give the appearance of a larger hand. 

Best Diamond Rings For skinny hands

Skinny hands or long fingers are really lucky – they have so many options to choose from when it comes to choosing the right center stone for their ring.

Any diamond cut looks gorgeous on thin fingers. You can really go for heavier and thicker bands or double rows of diamonds if your special someone has long fingers. You can also choose large cuts, statement pieces, or bold designs. Long fingers also have more space for split shanks as they will not overpower your hand.

Square hands or fingers

Square hands can be easily given a nice shape with the perfect diamond setting and cut.

The soft silhouette of diamond cuts such as the oval, marquise, and pear helps counter the hand's square shape. In addition, they also provide the illusion of slender and longer hands. You should avoid going for cuts such as an asscher or princess. The square shape of these diamond cuts amplifies the already square shape of your hands. Avoid choosing very wide bands for this finger shape.

Women with large knuckles

If your girlfriend has large knuckles, you still have so many options to choose from. Round-cut diamonds are universally popular. If you are choosing ornate or wide bands, it will provide a distraction from the large knuckles. You can go for rings that have double rows of diamonds or a split shank.

Finding the perfect ring size can be quite difficult for a hand with large knuckles. You need to select a ring that will easily slide over the knuckles but not so huge that it will move up and down the finger.

Your choice of the ring must also match the personal style of your girlfriend. 

  • If she likes simple, elegant designs with a bit of drama, you can go for solitaire or princess cut stones.
  • Marquise or the Asscher cut might be the perfect choice for her if she is into retro or vintage style. 
  • If she likes a lot of glam and bling in her look, an emerald cut might just be the perfect diamond for her.

We want your proposal to be as perfect as it can be. Explore our range of lab grown diamond ring designs to select the perfect jewellery for your partner.