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Top 8 Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings For Women

8 Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings For Women

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings For Any Style

Are you struggling to find the perfect lab grown diamond engagement rings for your special someone? Stay calm, as you are definitely not alone in this problem. With the availability of thousands of designs, styles, and diamond cuts, you are bound to get confused and tired.

Proposing to your girlfriend can be quite a special occasion. You obviously do not want to mess up anything on your special day. Doing the perfect decor, arranging for the perfect dinner, bringing the perfect set of flowers, and deciding the perfect location - managing all these turn out to be easy.

But nothing compares to being as difficult as choosing the perfect ring for your partner. A perfect engagement ring should match the style of your girlfriend and should have the bling and sparkle that she is expecting from the lab grown diamond jewellery of her dreams. An engagement ring holds a very special place in a woman's life; thus, we have come up with the top 10 trending designs of lab grown diamond engagement rings. They are stylish, exquisite, elegant and have the amount of sophistication you are looking for.

Top 8 Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

There are so many designs available on our website at Ayaani Diamonds. However, we have come up with the most trendy designs that you should definitely check out for your special someone.

Flower shaped round halo ring

As is evident from the name, the center ring is designed in the form of a flower in our flower shaped round halo ring. The design of the ring is quite simple and minimalistic and is perfect for a bride who loves elegance in her jewelry designs. The design gives a sense of grace and aura to the wearer, thus making it a wardrobe must-have for any woman.

Seven stones floating diamond ring

Seven round diamonds are arranged in a linear pattern in our seven stones floating diamond ring. If your bride is not looking for something flashy and bling, this ring is made just for her. The classic design of the jewellery will add a million-dollar shine to your bride's look, thus giving her a charismatic and beautiful appearance.

Heart shaped bypass style ring

Looking for something romantic to give to your partner on the most important day of your life? You should definitely take a look at our heart shaped bypass style ring. The design of the ring oozes romance, grace, aura, and class. The unique pattern beside the heart-shaped pattern adds to the beauty and charm of the ring. If your girlfriend is looking for some bling on her engagement ring, this design is just perfect for her.

Solitaire diamond halo classic ring

Solitaire rings are classic and an all-time favorite among women. The round solitaire stone is encircled by another circle encrusted with beautiful diamonds. The ring will look gorgeous on any women and will definitely add to her beauty and charm. If your girlfriend likes vintage and classic styles, you can try our solitaire diamond halo classic ring.

Round diamond marquise shaped ring

The round diamond marquise shaped ring will add that extra glam and bling to your bride's look that will dazzle her onlookers. The marquise shaped ring is encrusted with round diamonds that give a ring quite a unique look. It has the glamor, beauty, and poised look that makes it just oh-so-perfect and amazing!

Round twisted eternity engagement ring

The round twisted eternity engagement ring is our customer's favorite and also our best seller's design. The beauty of the center stone is enhanced by the unique twisted band that comes with the ring. The twisted band of the ring is available in shades of rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. The simple and minimalistic design oozes beauty, charm, grace, and allure.

Glitzy halo engagement ring

The glitzy halo engagement ring comes with a unique design and pattern. The center stones encircled with another set of diamond encrusted design come from opposite directions. The look of the ring is simple yet elegant. This kind of engagement ring can be worn everyday or even with office wear. It has a certain type of aura and charisma that your girlfriend is definitely going to love and adore so much!

Six prong solitaire ring

Check out this classic engagement ring design, our six prong solitaire ring. A round solitaire stone is studded in a prong setting in our magnificent and exquisite jewelry piece. If you are confused and still do not know what to choose for your girlfriend, this is the safest choice for you. Solitaire rings have been in trend since time immemorial and are everyone's favorite. If you are not ready to take any chances and want to play safe, this ring should definitely be your go-to choice.

Final Thoughts

These are some of our most popular and our personal favorite designs in lab grown diamond engagement rings. The rings are made by some of the best craftsmen in the country to give you the most authentic diamond-wearing experience. The diamonds encrusted in this beautiful piece of lab grown diamond jewellery are made in laboratories, so you know they are devoid of any inclusions and blemishes. All in all, Ayaani Diamonds is here to give you the engagement ring of your dreams.