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What Do You Know About The Solitaire Diamond?

What do you know about solitaire diamond

Solitaire Diamond: The Essentials You Should Know About

Love really is a beautiful feeling and what better way to celebrate togetherness than to go on your knee to propose to your beloved partner? While there is a fair amount of advance planning and preparation involved, no matter how you propose, the ring you choose will always serve as an important reminder of your commitment to one another.

Since time immemorial, people have believed that a promise of love can be sealed with a solitaire diamond. When you think of an engagement ring of your dreams, a solitaire probably comes to your mind. Solitaire rings are everywhere, but what is a solitaire diamond? If you are looking to purchase a ring for your lady love to pop the most important question of your life, or are just curious to learn more, we recommend you understand what solitaire really is and the hype around it.

What is a Solitaire Diamond?

One of the most sought-after diamond styles and trends, a solitaire refers to one diamond that acts as a centerpiece in jewelry. Whether it is a token of love, a celebration of a milestone journey, a birthday celebration, or anything that needs a celebration, solitaires are often the epitome of expression.

With a solitaire silhouette, the eye is drawn toward the brilliance of the center diamond, while the band serves as an elegant base to enhance its dazzling showpiece. They are one of the most versatile styles, mainly since one single diamond makes it easier to cast in different settings.

Solitaire Diamonds: Their History 

The solitaire diamond ring can be tracked down to the middle ages and even the Romans, where a single uncut diamond was set within a gold band. The gemstone traveled from Indian traders and was highly prized by Romans.

Centuries later, diamonds mined in India eventually made their way to Europe, where faceting techniques and extensive gold settings quickly advanced. In the Victorian Era, the solitaire diamond grew even more elaborate, as gemologists experimented with richly carved settings and forms.

The dawn of the 20th century announced a new age in jewelry and solitaires came into their own during this era. It has got the role of the quintessential choice for an engagement ring. The diamond solitaire has appeared in a variety of different looks and feels throughout history, yet it remains a classic and timeless design.

In today’s world, Diamond Solitaire Rings offer an unconventional, yet inclusive way to celebrate love and life.

Advantages of Choosing Solitaire Diamonds

The simplicity and sparkle of a solitaire diamond have continued to be loved by many. Let’s explore their advantages to help you choose the best of everything.

  • Timeless Showpiece

Are Solitaire diamonds real? Absolutely yes! They have always been one of the most classic styles and will continue to shine in the spotlight with their forever elegance and simplicity. Solitaire should be your choice if having trendy yet timeless is your pick to adorn for the rest of your life. We strongly believe there is no limitation to how you can celebrate with the

  • Attracts Luxury and is the center of attention

From the time a woman gets engaged, all we curiously want to see is her Diamond Engagement Rings. While most of us will explore all the fine details, shape, size, and overall setting style but the real winner will always be the center stone. Once you decide on the solitaire diamond, stay rest assured because it will surely draw focus on your one and only luxury stone.

  • Easier to maintain

Since the design is classic and contains only a single stone, a solitaire is much easier to take care of. All you need to regularly maintain is the center stone and the setting. Unlike other styles such as three stone settings, it would get triple the care for your jewelry. Intricate designs will be much harder for you to clean and might result in getting your ring professionally cleaned more frequently.

With solitaire diamond, once you have learned the day-to-day care routine for your jewelry then you are all set.

  • Cost-effective Pricing

With solitaire diamonds, it’s always less is more! One of the biggest advantages of solitaire diamond price is it is less expensive than other styles such as the halo setting. The price decrease is mainly because there are no additional stones attached. You might opt for a larger carat weight to balance the overall cost or you can still stick around the average one-carat size.

Now that we know what a solitaire diamond is and the essentials around it would get easier for you to choose the right fit. Solitaires have the power to show your devotion and commitment with one beautiful center stone. This symbol of pure love will always be a timeless choice and any piece of diamond jewelry with solitaires in focus will never go out of style. Also find out Guide to buying a diamond jewelry.