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What Is The History Of Amethyst Birthstone?

What is the history of amethyst (February's birthstone)

Amethyst Birthstone: The Origin, Historical Significance, and Symbolism

Known for February-born people, the birthstone for Pisces, and the gemstone for the 6th anniversary of marriage. So, if you are a February-born child or are shopping for one, you should know that this February birthstone is rich in history and meaning.

Amethyst birthstone has many popular folk tales and mythology associated with ancient and modern, love and spiritual. Jewelry carved out from an amethyst makes an excellent gift idea for women born not only in February but any time of the year.

Amethyst has been a prized gemstone for centuries and has had the power to captivate mankind for millennia. The birthstone can be found in the collections of royal families throughout Europe and Asia, though now it’s within reach of most people. For more details on this spectacular and symbolic birthstone, continue reading.

Amethyst Birthstone Meaning And History

  • The February birthstone amethyst has been associated with many myths, tales, religions, and various cultures throughout its rich history. Amethyst is derived from the Greek word amethystos, which means a remedy for drunkenness. Because of its wine-like appearance, early Greek mythology associated the gemstone with Bacchus, the god of wine.
  • According to gem folklore, it is believed that wearing amethyst jewelry could protect you from drunkenness and keep you clear-headed and clever. English Regalia was decorated with amethysts during the middle ages to depict royalty. Ancient amethysts have been found dating back to 2000BC.
  • According to Greek Mythology, one day, a fair maiden, amethystos, was on her way to worship the temple, crossed the path of Bacchus, and refused his advances. Bacchus’s anger at being refused vowed to take revenge which frightened the maiden, and she prayed to goddess Diana, the protector of women, for her rescue. Baffling Bacchus, Diana transformed the maiden into clear crystal quartz. When Bacchus realized what had happened and felt remorse for his actions, he poured his wine over the white quartz, transforming her into a deep violet hue we now call Amethyst.
  • For many years, the original amethyst stone was held to be one of the most precious gemstones, often favored by royalty as a symbol of the deity of Christ.
  • Some historical profiles say that Saint Valentine had an amethyst ring carved with an image of Cupid. Also, Old testament history noted that it was one of the twelve gemstones that represented the twelve tribes of Israel.

Historically, royals have admired the purple hue of amethyst birthstone since at least the days of Alexander the Great. Moreover, the gem has certain mystical powers, including that it would convey strength and wit to the wearer. So, wearing Amethyst can bring inner strength and personal empowerment if you are celebrating a February birthday. You can check our blog, What Are The Benefits Of Diamond Investment In 2022?

Amethyst Birthstone: Where does it come from?

Until the 19th Century, Russia was the primary source of Amethyst, when large deposits were discovered in Brazil. Today, the important source of Amethyst is in Africa and South America. Brazil is still a significant supplier, especially in its southern states, such as Rio Grande Do Sul. The rough Amethyst mined in Rio tends to have a lighter color than Amethyst found in other countries.

Amethyst is also found outside of Phoenix, Arizona, in the United States. It is located in the most rugged part of the Mazatzal mountains, but still, this rattlesnake-infested terrain produces some very dark purple and purplish red amethyst crystals.

Zambia Kariba, a mine located in Africa, is one of the largest amethyst producers in the world.

Amethyst Stone Benefits

Wearing Amethyst stone jewelry is famous for its beauty and power to heal, cleanse and purify the body and spirit in many cultures around the world. Some of the mystical powers of Amethyst are as follows:

  1. Over a Hundred years ago, the Amethyst was moistened with saliva and rubbed on the face to banish pimples and rough skin.
  2. It is often viewed as a gemstone of peace; many believe Amethyst’s calming presence produces peaceful sleep by bringing the dreamer more in tune with the divine.
  3. This February birthstone is also recommended for those with a lot of stress, such as people with an excessive work routine who cannot relax.
  4. They are also used for natural healing. It is believed that if placed beneath a pillow or worn to bed, it supposedly drives off nightmares and insomnia.
  5. Amethyst promotes internal balance and harmony and brings stability to the individual. They can nurture one’s spirit and promote self-assurance and confidence.

Amethyst stone price ranges based on cut, clarity, carat, and origin. An amethyst birthstone found in Sri Lanka has a much lower price than one found in Brazil. The gemstone is known for its numerous spiritual properties and has long-term benefits. You can indeed consider buying it as it is an ideal gift for your loved ones or if you consider adding one to your collection.  Read  More About Types Of Diamonds.