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A Comprehensive Guide To Blue Topaz

A Complete Guide To Blue Topaz

Although you can get Topaz in various colors, such as pink, green, or yellow, it is also available in blue. Blue topaz is one of the most popular stones and ranges in colors, such as deep blue with a dark tone to pale blue with a light tone.

The mass production of this gemstone has made it quite cost-effective, although it was very rare and expensive.

If you are fascinated by this Topaz, keep reading until the end to learn more about it!

What Is Blue Topaz? – It’s Worth And Benefits

The Topaz is made of fluorine and aluminum. There is only a difference in the hue of the members of the topaz family, as they have similar mineral compositions.

It is very hard and rare to find natural blue Topaz. Thus, it has led to the production of artificial Topaz using a colorless, treated Topaz. The process involves irradiating and heating the stone until it turns blue. The stone is still considered a topaz, but its blue hue has just been enhanced.

Worth of blue topaz gemstone

Previously, a treated topaz was worth somewhere around $20 to $40 a carat. However, when the production of this stone increased, the supply of this gemstone increased in the market. Now, the price of the stone has dropped to $1 a carat. It is now an incredibly affordable option for anyone.

Like all other gemstones, the worth of this stone depends on color, clarity, carat weight, and cut. A small-carat stone with small inclusions and spectacular clarity is much more valuable than a large gem with poor clarity and multiple inclusions.

If you find the price on a “natural” topaz seems too good to be true, there is a possibility that it is a manufactured stone.

Blue topaz stone benefits

Several benefits are associated with this stone as it has some positive and magical powers that help improve a person’s life. Let us find out some of the advantages associated with this Topaz:

  1. Those suffering from losses in their business will gain exclusive benefits from the stone, as well as discover new ways to empower it.
  2. It helps in boosting consciousness and improve communication skills. When you wear this unique gemstone, you will clearly observe changes in your life.
  3. It helps in curing physical and mental problems. In addition to being effective in several therapies, it can improve your health.
  4. These gemstones are said to have mystical, metaphysical properties that can cure diseases. In addition to giving you a healthy life, it helps you prevent diseases from occurring.
  5. According to legend, it improves kidney and heart health and blesses its wearer with good health.

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Is It Safe To Use Treated Topaz?

As radiation is used to treat a topaz, people are often concerned about whether it is safe to use and wear this blue topaz birthstone.

Thus, you should know that companies treating stones using radiation need to be licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). The NRC license ensures that the gemstones are stored in a safe, secure facility following treatment and that the residual radiation level is continuously monitored until it reaches a safe level. Only then is the treated stone used for cosmetic uses such as in jewelry.

So how will you care for this Topaz?

A treated topaz will not fade when it is exposed to light. However, it would help if you properly take care of it so that the stone does not fracture or crack. Therefore, the gemstone should be cared for, avoiding contact with heavy objects such as knocks.

You should ensure that it is not exposed to high heat and carefully cleaned with warm water and soap. Also, avoid using other methods of cleaning.

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How To Know If You Are Wearing Real Topaz?  

It is a tough task to determine whether the Topaz is real. A real topaz stone has a smooth, slippery surface and is cool to the touch. The price of the stone is also a determination of whether the stone is real or not.

Authenticity certificates may be provided by jewelers when you purchase jewelry featuring these stones, or you may ask your jeweler to send your stones to a laboratory for testing.

If you are wondering, what is Topaz, it is the birthstone for November, as it perfectly captures the image of a sky-blue winter sky.

The blue topaz stone is quite popular as it is available in a wide range of options in vibrant colors. The popularity of the stone compelled people to manufacture it in bulk quantities.