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Aquamarine Crystal: Meaning, Powers, Properties, & Much More

Aquamarine Crystal

Meaning Of Aquamarine Crystal

The name ‘Aquamarine’ crystal is taken from the Latin words: “aqua”, meaning “water”, and “marina”, meaning “of the sea.” This beautiful pale blue-green stone, which is aquamarine color, is said to be the treasure of the mermaids.

In real life, this beautiful stone is found in Brazil, where the largest of these pieces was found, weighing over a hundred kilograms. It is also found in Kenya, Madagascar, Russia, Siberia, and the Ural Mountains.

This stone has a huge spiritual and emotional impact, so it is best if you take this stone from somewhere that already influences you. This will make the crystal all the more special.

Aquamarine is known as the birthstone for people born in March. It is mainly connected to the water element and the moon, making it a traditional birthstone for Pisces. If this zodiac sign is present anywhere in your astrological chart, this reason is enough to include this stone in your life.

Aquamarine Crystal And Its Healing Powers

Aquamarine is known to be an all-purpose healing stone and is said to help in various mental and physical disorders.

Emotional Healing

If you are wondering what aquamarine’s colour is, it is pale blue-green. This beautiful piece of crystal has a mythical connection with the mermaids and the sea. Taking its color from the Mediterranean ocean, its calming effect reflects the tranquility it provides on an emotional level.

You can use this crystal to get comfort if things get too heated or when emotions are running high. If you find it challenging to understand your own emotions, place a piece of this crystal under your pillow. It will bring insights through your dreams when your conscious mind is at rest.

Physical Healing

Aquamarine crystal has proved to be especially beneficial for pregnant women as it protects the baby and the mother from any harm. It also protects the unborn baby by preventing any miscarriage.

This crystal is also said to treat thyroid problems and swollen glands, heal sore throats, boost our immune system, and provide protection against allergies.

In addition, it is also said to be effective incurring ailments affecting the liver, stomach, and throat. The crystal also regulates and boosts growth hormones.

Aquamarine Crystal and Wealth

The aquamarine crystal helps to enhance our intellectual prowess so that you can quickly and effectively come up with solutions. It helps you with logic and reasoning so that you can easily find out answers to complex questions.

It is beneficial for anyone who is prone to procrastination in their financial affairs. This crystal will inculcate energies such as discipline and perseverance. It is a powerful stone that helps attract abundance and prosperity and brings good fortune and good luck.

The quality of still water that hides all manner of riches and treasures is one of the most significant properties of this very crystal. Likewise, you can bring up the depths hidden within yourself to rise to the occasion by adopting the right mindset. The aquamarine stone will help you by finding the right motivation to do so.

Aquamarine Crystal And Love Relationships

The energy radiated by the aquamarine crystal will help you become more sensitive to the feelings and needs of your partner. Your partner won’t even have to say a word to express themselves as their expressions will be in tune with them.

The crystal’s energy will help you pay more attention to the indirect messages and unspoken words. You are likely to listen to not what they are saying but what they mean. You will be able to anticipate their emotions, reactions, and needs. This crystal will also imbibe more understanding and tolerance within yourself so that you are not easily annoyed, angered, or offended.

You will develop a high tolerance power and will be a more considerate and thoughtful partner. This crystal will help you eliminate your tendency to become critical or judgmental towards others.

This crystal will help you get the emotional support you need when you feel overwhelmed by the events and responsibilities in your life. It is an excellent stone to get closure or feelings for someone in your relationship.

Aquamarine Crystal And Its Properties

Physical Properties

If you are wondering if can aquamarine be clear, then yes, it can be. It is silicate in greenish-blue to blue in color. However, the hue of the stone can always be enhanced by heat treatment. With a hexagonal crystal system, it is transparent to translucent in appearance.

The aquamarine stone hardness on the Mohs hardness scale is 7.5 to 8. Thus, you can say that it is a pretty durable crystal. The chemical composition of the stone is Be3Al2Si6O18.

Metaphysical Properties

Believed to counteract the forces of darkness in ancient times, the crystal was used to invite favor and protection from the spirits of the light.

Sailors used this crystal as a protective talisman to protect themselves against misfortunes at sea. Known to be a highly spiritual stone, the crystal increases clairvoyance and open intuition.

It is the perfect crystal for meditation as it invokes spiritual awareness and high states of consciousness. The crystal encourages service to humanity.

The crystal is available in shades of turquoise, blue, and blue-green. Its appearance is often opaque, transparent, and often tumbled and crafted into jewelry. In its raw form, it is mostly clear in appearance. Also, it is one of the best stones for this purpose if you are looking for emotional and spiritual development.

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