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Aquamarine vs. Diamond – What Is The Difference?

aquamarine vs diamond - what is the difference

Aquamarine vs. Diamond – Let Us Learn The Difference

When we compare Aquamarine vs. diamond, the former does not have a proper grading scale while the latter has a quality grading scale for characteristics such as clarity and color. Some sellers, however, create their own grading scale to help their customers find the highest grade of Aquamarine.

The two stones – Aquamarine and diamond, also have other differences besides having a grading scale.

So, if you are confused between these two stones, we have listed the important differences between Aquamarine and diamond. Let us understand the differences between them in detail.

Aquamarine vs. Diamond – Color Differences

The color of Aquamarine varies from blue to greenish blue. The crystal is available in various beryl, which is distinguished by its color. Diamonds are mostly transparent; however, it is possible to buy blue diamonds.

Diamonds that are already colored occur very rarely. So, they are more expensive than transparent ones. Although the color is an essential factor when purchasing diamonds, it is not as essential as it is for Aquamarine.

Some people do not prefer buying diamonds that have a yellow tint. Diamonds in the color grade between D to F are colorless. The color grade diamonds between G to J are nearly colorless, and K to M ones have a yellow tint. In the case of Aquamarine, the most precious crystals are dark blue to slightly greenish blue. The experts in Aquamarine believe that the crystal is most striking in five carats or larger.

You may choose any shade of blue you like, even though the industry has preferred colors. The color of Aquamarine with a pastel blue hue can be just as good as the color with a dark blue hue.

Aquamarine vs. Diamond – Sparkle Differences

In learning between Aquamarine and diamond, the latter is quite popular for its brilliant sparkle. The former also possess quite a good sparkle because they are easy to cut. Aquamarine crystals that appear cracked, spotted, or milky have less sparkle than crystals that doesn’t. The crystal that is not cut properly also loses a significant amount of sparkle even if it is of excellent quality.

Thus, the cut of the stone influences its sparkle. Thus, always choose a stone with an excellent cut if sparkle is essential to you.

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Is Aquamarine cheaper than a diamond?  

Diamonds are usually sold as per their carat weight. The higher the carat of the stone, the more expensive the diamond. The primary reason is that large diamonds are rarer than smaller ones. For a good quality diamond, you can expect to splurge somewhere between $1000-$4000.

The aquamarine stone price varies somewhere between $1000-$3000. Some can be more expensive than $3000. It all depends on what other type of stones you are crafting on your jewelry.

If you point out the difference between these two stones in terms of price, one can say that they both are approximately the same. You can purchase aquamarine stone at best price from many sellers available in the market.

Aquamarine vs. Diamond – Hardness Differences

On the Mohs scale of hardness, Aquamarine comes around 7.5 to 8, while diamond scores 10.

Thus, we can say that Aquamarine scratches more easily than diamonds as it has lower durability. Although Aquamarine has a lower hardness scale, it possesses decent hardness and is quite resistant to daily wear and tear. Both these stones have enough durability to wear on a daily basis.

Aquamarine vs. Diamond – Clarity Differences

Clarity is one of the most important factors in deciding the gem’s value when finding the differences between Aquamarine and diamond. Both these gemstones should not have visible inclusions.

The good news is that most faceted Aquamarine lacks any visible inclusions. Thus, anyone can easily find these valuable crystals. However, some people even like Aquamarine with inclusions and most commonly use them as centerpieces in their jewelry.

In contrast, diamonds that have visible inclusions or blemishes are not considered good, as people generally prefer clear and transparent stones. People generally pay a high price for extremely clear and transparent diamonds.

Low clarity aquamarine is also used in jewelry as partial polished slices or nuggets. Aquamarine crystal with high clarity is generally used in engagement rings to give them brilliance and sparkle. For engagement rings, jewelry makers often use tiny diamonds to complement the aquamarine center stone.

When choosing between Aquamarine and diamond for a Diamond engagement ring, you should ask the recipient if they are open to other gem types. For engagement rings, some people prefer diamonds, while others prefer something unique or colorful. There are many interesting designs to choose from, as aquamarine stones are strikingly beautiful. You can check our blog Aquamarine crystal – meaning, powers, properties, and much more to know more about this beautiful crystal.