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Complete Guide To Buying Ruby Gemstone

complete guide to buying ruby gemstone

A brief Introduction To Ruby Gemstone

The red color Ruby is famously called the king of gemstones due to its everlasting beauty and attractive color. One of the most appealing gemstones of all, Ruby stone jewelry is adorned by men and women of all ages.

Considered one of the most popular and precious colored gemstones, if red is your color, you should definitely hop on to own one or more ruby-carved jewelry for your wardrobe edition. Moreover, Ruby is rapidly gaining popularity as an alternative for diamond engagement rings choice.

Ruby is believed to be closely associated with the planet Sun and has remarkable astrological benefits. As the Sun signifies many things, such as energy, passion, and self-confidence, ruby possesses substantial characteristics like the Sun. Therefore, making it the most powerful gemstone among others.

Ruby Gemstone: What Is It?

Ruby is a gemstone whose name has its origins in the Latin word ruber, which means red in English. Also called Manik, Ratanraja, or king of gems, rubies are a variety of corundum family. It gets its color from the trace element chromium, an impurity in the mineral’s atomic structure.

No single person is accredited to have discovered the gemstone; instead, there are various ancient mining locations. Moreover, the Mongok Valley in upper Burma (now known as Myanmar) was the major location for mining rubies in ancient times. Myanmar is still known to produce the highest quality rubies. Burmese rubies are considered the high-end standard since Myanmar is a historical producer of the gem.

Ruby Gemstone Benefits

Below we have compiled the powerful benefits of rubies in Vedic astrology:

1. Ability to build professional excellence and goodwill

Ruby stone is famously known for enhancing creativity and improving career prospects. The natural ruby stone has a powerful impact on developing self-confidence and innovative insights in your professional life. It furnishes the idea of success, optimism, and fame.

The wearers of the gemstone are likely to get positive impressions in their professional yet personal life.

2. Ensures emotional healing and mental peace

As per Indian culture and tradition, the ruby stone greatly influences navel chakra revitalizing your body. It helps you tackle anxiety, fear, depression, and mental health. Ruby’s natural association with the powerful Sun is known for embodying commanding authority and impression that helps cultivate strong inner belief.

3. Has the power to strengthen relationships

Wearing Ruby gemstones provides additional strength to improve your paternal and maternal relationships. It is advised to have ruby around you when you witness some complications in your relationships when the Sun is sitting in a compromising position in your zodiac.

4. Helps safeguard against evils

Ruby stone is known for its strong resemblance with Earth energy that holds positive cosmic powers. Therefore, adorning the Manik stone or keeping it near you will protect you from evil spirits, sinful thoughts, and nightmares. Its powerful essence assists in eliminating the negative energies in your surroundings to create a life full of positive vibes.

5. Has powerful healing properties & health benefits

Ruby has been born in the lap of the Earth and is thus believed to have a natural intrinsic inheritance from Earth, offering a wide array of health benefits. The gemstone has an impeccable impact on our entire body including the heart, blood, and ventricles. It is popularly known for its detoxification capabilities for both men and women.

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What To Look For When Buying Ruby Gemstone?

Certain factors need to be considered when purchasing a ruby crystal that is as follows:

  • Color – Color is considered the most essential quality factor for Ruby. Different types of ruby stone are available in the market, but the finest ruby has a pure, vibrant red to slightly purplish red color. As soon as the color goes orange or more purplish, the quality of ruby moves down. The high-end rubies have vivid color saturation.
  • Clarity – Flawless rubies that are completely transparent and without inclusions are extremely rare. Ruby gemstone price depends on how visible the inclusions are. Obvious inclusions or imperfections that reduce transparency or brightness lower a ruby’s value drastically.
  • Cut – Several considerations affect the market’s cut and proportion of rubies available. The most common shape is a flat tabular hexagonal shape, but crystals from some sources can be elongated. Popular shapes and cuts that are available are round, cushion, pear, heart, oval, emerald, marquise, and trillion.
  • Carat Weight – Finest quality ruby gemstones are very rare, but commercial quality is commonly available in a wide range of sizes. The ruby crystal’s price per carat increases significantly as it increases in size.

Ruby gemstone is one of the most precious stones you can come across. The finest quality rubies are rare to find and are breathtakingly beautiful to have in your jewelry edition. Ignite the power of your inner self and experience spiritual blessings with the Manik stone that significantly impacts our lives.