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Definitive Guide To Diamond Hallmark India 2022

Definitive guide to diamond hallmark India 2022

Diamond Hallmark India 2022: A Comprehensive Guide

Known to be a girl’s best friend, diamonds are one of the world’s most valuable gems. Men love this precious gemstone as well. There is no denying that diamonds hold a special place in the heart of jewelry enthusiasts. Besides the trendy bracelets you don’t feel like taking off or an heirloom Diamond rings from your ancestral collection, diamond jewelry becomes an integral part of your personality. But how well do you know the jewelry you own? How do you assess whether the ornaments you are planning to purchase are pure or not? What is the way to figure out purity? Well, your answer to these queries is diamond hallmark certification. This blog will tell you everything you should know about hallmarking, why it is important, and the different bodies providing the certification.

What is Hallmarking, and why is it important?

Hallmarking refers to a mark that is applied to precious metals such as diamond, gold, platinum, and silver, depicting that it has been independently tested, verified, and conforms to all the legal standards of purity.
It is very difficult to determine how precious metal is just by looking at it or touching it. Therefore, it is a legal need for items made from gold, diamond, platinum, and silver to be tested and then hallmarked to describe the metal’s purity.

Diamond Hallmark is one such accurate determination and official recording of the proportionate diamond content. They are official marks used as a guarantee of purity, and their principle objective is to protect valuable customers against adulteration. The value of diamonds is evaluated on the basis of the 4C’s i.e. cut, clarity, color, and carat. Although, it is important that these attributes are perfectly graded.

Popular Diamond Certification that follows Hallmark Guidelines

1. International Gemological Institute (IGI)

International Gemological Institute, also known as IGI, is an organization that certifies diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry. It was established in 1975 in Antwerp. All around the world, certification provided by this institute instills trust and faith in gemstone buyers and sellers.
IGI is one of the largest independent laboratories for diamond grading, certification, and valuation. International Gemological Institute provides three types of reports: diamond report, colored stone report, and jewelry report. An IGI diamond report offers reliable and accurate data regarding a diamond’s grade focused on an internationally recognized grading system.

2. Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

A GIA certification is a type of diamond certification, precisely a document that describes in detail all the unique attributes of your diamond. The GIA certificate allows gemologists to identify, appraise and price your diamond.

GIA is the most renowned and respected diamond grading institution. It evaluates diamonds on a variety of qualities and elements, such as:

  • Evaluation date
  • Measurements
  • Cutting style and diamond shape
  • Carat weight
  • Symmetry
  • Proportion diagram
  • Polish grade
  • Cut grade
  • Color grade
  • Clarity grade
  • Fluorescence grade
  • Security features
  • General comments

GIA was established in 1931, and since then, it has been the world’s foremost authority on diamonds, colored stones, and pearls. Moreover, the 4C’s (cut, clarity, color, and carat weight) were invented by GIA itself. The parameters established by them help choose quality diamonds, and today those parameters are standard in the industry, being the perfect diamond hallmark.

3. Solitaire Gem Labs (SGL)

Solitaire Gem Labs is an international testing laboratory specializing in certifying diamonds and diamond studded jewelry and providing mobile laboratory services. At SGL, lab grown diamond jewelry is screened and graded using cutting-edge technology that generates reports based on International grading system.

SGL provides certification of each diamond with thorough details supported by the latest technology and the vast expertise of a highly qualified team. The SGL diamond certification report gives an all-around assessment of solitaire that is trusted by gem buyers and sellers for their reliable gem grading certificates. If your diamonds are certified through SGL, you can rest assured about their authenticity and quality.

A diamond hallmark certification will help you understand what you are actually buying. To create awareness about diamonds and their grading system, we have compiled this informative blog for you to answer your queries related to hallmarking and certificates. In the end, buying a diamond you love is more important, rather than focusing on what the certificate depicts. It doesn’t matter whether it is SGL certified diamond or any other certification.