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Everything You Need To Know About Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery

Everything You Need To Know About Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry

Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery – A Complete Guide

  • How Is Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry Made?
  • Carbon Vapor Deposition
  • High Pressure High Temperature
  • Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry Vs. Natural Diamond Jewelry
  • What Are The Advantages Of Buying Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry?

Buying the perfect diamond jewelry designs is a dream for many women. However, we completely understand that not everyone can afford to buy this luxurious piece of stone. Thus, we have now come up with Laboratory made diamonds, the new trend in the industry. What exactly is Lab made diamonds? They are made by humans in a controlled environment in laboratories.

An Overview Of Lab Made Gemstone

Lab grown diamond jewelry is the exact replica of naturally mined gemstones. They are pretty much the same thing, with the only difference in their point of origin. Mined gemstones are extracted from the earth, whereas laboratory made gemstones, as the name suggests, are made in laboratories.

Despite the difference in origin, Lab made diamond is 100% authentic and real. If you purchase a lab made diamond jewelry set, it will have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as the natural gemstone.

Diamonds can add that touch of luxury and amp up your look a notch higher. You can now finally have the look of your dreams without emptying your wallet.

Do you know why? Because Lab made diamond is less costly than real diamonds. You can buy a bigger carat gemstone at a comparatively lesser price than natural gemstones.

Lab grown diamond jewelry in India is finally gaining the momentum it deserves. It is visually impossible to distinguish between man-made and naturally extracted diamonds. Also, Laboratory made gemstones enjoy the benefit of being ethical and environmentally sound.

Since they are made in labs, they do not harm the environment, unlike natural gemstones, which must be extracted from the earth. The extraction of gemstone depletes our natural resources as well as it sometimes leads to the exploitation of workers.

The blog will give you in-depth knowledge about Laboratory made diamonds and everything you need to know about it.


How is Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry Made?

If you want to buy Lab grown diamond jewelry, we will clear your every confusion and worry. A piece of lab grown diamond jewellery is made either through carbon vapor deposition (CVD) or High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT).

Although gemstones made through either of the two processes do not differ, let us understand what exactly are CVD and HPHT.

♢ Carbon Vapor Deposition

In CVD, a small seed, often an HPHT diamond, is used. The seed is put inside an airtight chamber and heated at over 1400 Fahrenheit. The airtight chamber is then filled with gases rich in carbon, such as hydrogen and methane.

The carbon-rich gases are then ionized into plasma using a similar technology used in microwaves or lasers. This technology actually breaks the molecular bond of the gas. Pure carbon begins to stick to the seed after breaking down the molecular bond, and a new gemstone forms.

Additional treatments such as irradiation or heat are used to change the color of the gemstone after it is made. So, if you are planning to buy colored diamond ring designs, it is possible with Lab grown diamond jewelry.

♢ High Pressure High Temperature 

The HPHT method puts a small diamond seed inside a piece of carbon. The carbon is pressurized to approximately 1.5 million pounds per square inch using either a cubic press, belt press, or split-sphere press. In addition, the piece of carbon is also heated to a temperature of over 2700 Fahrenheit.

The pressure and heat subjected to the carbon lead to the formation of new diamonds around the initial seed. The newly formed gemstone around the seed is then carefully cooled down. This is how a lab grown diamond jewelry is made through the HPHT process.


Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry Vs. Natural Diamond Jewelry

There is practically no difference between lab grown diamond jewelry and natural gemstone jewelry. The only point of distinction lies in their point of origin. However, if you are unsure, let us help you go through each point in detail.

⚫ Price

The astronomical price tag of the naturally mined gemstone is due to its rarity. There is only a limited amount of natural gemstones available, and the circumstances under which they are made are also unique. Thus, they are quite expensive and not affordable for many people.

However, Lab grown diamond jewelry is comparatively cheaper and less expensive. They are made in a laboratory in a controlled environment, and thus they can be produced in large amounts. The supply of man made gemstones will never finish since they are made by humans using advanced technology.

Due to infinite supply, they are cost-effective and easily affordable. So if you plan to propose to your girlfriend, you can easily buy a laboratory grown diamond rings for women without breaking your budget.

⚫ Durability

A lab grown diamond jewelry enjoys the same durability and hardness as a naturally extracted gemstone. The gemstones are made of the same material and remain the hardest on the earth.

A laboratory made gemstone comes at a scale of 10 on the Mohs scale, just like mined gemstones, and thus will not break easily. If you are considering treating yourself with the latest diamond bracelets made in laboratory, you never have to worry about them being harder than natural gemstones.

⚫ Sustainability

A lab grown diamond jewelry is sustainable and eco-friendly than traditionally mined gemstones. Our mother earth does not get disturbed and depleted.

Also, no exploitation of workers takes place. The whole process of making a laboratory made gemstone does not harm the environment in any way. Thus, you are getting all the benefits of a natural gemstone without causing difficulty to our mother earth.

What Are The Advantages Of Buying Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry?

  • Laboratory gemstones do not have dirt or dust ingrained in them; thus, they are purer than mined ones. They have fewer signs of strains and have fewer defects because humans make them in a controlled environment. For instance, diamond rings appear less clear than man made ones.
  • Natural diamonds, often known as the ‘blood gemstone,’ are extracted under circumstances that promote child labor, poor working conditions, and human rights violations. With Lab grown diamond jewelry, you do not have to go through the guilt of all these things as they are 100% ethical and environmentally friendly.
  • Since they are available at a lesser price and are quite cost-effective, you can easily buy a bigger carat stone without breaking your bank.
  • They are 100% authentic and real and are a replica of traditionally mined diamonds.

Diamonds grown in laboratories are the future of the industry and are here to stay and replace the trend of natural gemstones. Go and check out our newly launched collection of lab grown diamond jewelry today!

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