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How Can You Tell If A Rose Quartz Is Real Or Fake?

how can you tell if a rose quartz is real or fake

Real Rose Quartz or Fake One: How to Identify the Difference

Rose quartz is a popular stone that can be used for jewelry carving, decoration, and even spiritual healing purposes. It is the most common type of quartz crystal and people usually purchase them as gifts because they are too pretty to ignore and are well known associated with love and romance.

Undoubtedly, rose quartz is one of the gemstones that has charmed all jewelry lovers with its soft hues and beauty of elegance. The stone has a lovely rose or dusky pink appearance because of the presence of minerals like manganese and titanium. Depending on the depth of the crystal and the minerals it contains, the stone color may vary from blush pale pink to dark rose dusky pink.

Extremely famous for its healing properties, the stone is reputed to help the wearer attract unconditional love and infinite peace. Also, it is considered the most important crystal for the heart chakra.

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Real Rose Quartz Quality Grading Factors

The soft translucence and the pink hues of this semi-precious gemstone hold great appeal for gem and jewelry collectors. When purchasing rose quartz-based jewelry or even a loose stone, you should consider the following factors:

  • Color – Rose quartz has derived its name from its delicate pink, color, ranging from very light pink to medium dark pink. The price of the crystal usually depends on how appealing the color is.
  • Clarity – Most of the rose quartz’s translucent appearance is because of the tiny inclusions. The high-end quality of rose quartz is often transparent, and so it’s usually faceted.
  • Cut – Some rose quartz display asterism that is a star-like effect when the stone is cut as a cabochon. A rock quartz piece displaying asterism will be more valuable than the regular one.
  • Carat weightHow much is real rose quartz? In the case of rose quartz, size is a better measure of the gemstone’s value than its carat weight.

How To Check If Rose Quartz Is Real Or Fake?

How would you know if the rose quartz you purchased is real or fake? We will help you identify some of the ways to tell if your quartz is genuine or not.

  • Firstly, what does real rose quartz look like? The best way to test for authenticity is by checking the stone’s colour. The semi-precious stone is available in various shades that range from light pinkish to medium dark pink. Deep colors often occur in large sizes, and smaller quartz with deep colors is rare. So, if you come across bright or garish jewellery, it depicts that the stone is probably dyed.
  • Figuring out the transparency of your rose quartz can be a good indicator because most rose quartz does not have good clarity. The presence of mineral inclusions results in a cloudy and milky translucent appearance. Transparent quartz is rarely found, so make sure if you find the stone more transparent, the chances are it is not the genuine one.
  • Assessing the hardness can also be a way to check whether the rose quartz is genuine or not. The pretty gemstone scored 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness; therefore, it is considerably tough.

For an instance, take a piece of glass and try to make a scratch with your rose quartz, if the glass is affected and the gem leaves a mark on the glass, your rose quartz is likely genuine. If it can’t or takes a lot of effort, then probably it’s a fake stone.

  • If you notice perfect round bubbles with or without the help of magnifying glass then the chances are that the piece is probably a fake one. The bubbles are never present inside real rose quartz. Fake quartz crystals are often made from a glass material, so it is common to spot air bubbles underneath the surface.
  • You can also check the authenticity of your rose crystal by checking the point of origin because rose crystals come from Brazil, Madagascar, India, Germany, and the USA. On the other hand, fake stones originate in China.
  • A temperature check is also one of the ways to test whether the stone is genuine or not. To evaluate, hold your rose quartz crystal against your cheek, if it feels slightly warm, it is most likely to be a fake one.

If the stone feels cool, it’s likely to be real as a natural crystal mostly possesses a lower temperature than a room.

This handy guide will help you distinguish real rose quartz from fake one to better understand and enjoy this gemstone’s subtle elegance and beauty.