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6 Top Selling Light Weight Bracelets In India

6 top selling light weight bracelets in India

Light Weight Bracelets – A Jewelry Necessity

Diamond light weight bracelets are exquisite pieces of jewelry. It is always so high in demand that it has become a wardrobe necessity.

Bracelets add a dash of charm and sophistication, giving any woman a standout appearance in the crowd. Since no other gemstone can replace the allure and glamour of diamonds, you really need to explore the options and designs available in the market.

We have come up with our 8 top-selling designs in light weight bracelet designs that you should definitely consider for your next occasion.

8 Popular Light Weight Bracelets Designs

Let us explore the best designs from our exquisite range of collections for you and your loved ones.

  1. Channel Setting Lab Diamond Bracelets

The simple and minimalistic design of the channel setting lab diamond bracelets is perfect for every woman who likes to keep her plain and elegant.

Tiny round-shape diamonds are encrusted in the bracelet to give a sophisticated vibe and aura. The round diamonds are decorated with tiny gemstones on either side. This bracelet design is available in metal tones of rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold.

If you are looking for a gift for your best friend or want to treat yourself to some achievement or success, this bracelet should be your go-to choice.


  1. Tennis Alternative Diamond Bracelet

The tennis alternative diamond bracelet’s exquisite design will soothe your soul. Tiny round diamonds are arranged in a circular pattern in two lines in this light weight bracelets. This simple yet magnificent design can steal any onlooker’s heart and attention.

The design of the bracelet is plain and simple, yet it will complement any women’s outfit. You can easily wear this bracelet with formal wear or daily wear outfits, and it promises never to let you down.

The charm and aura of this bracelet are commendable and astonishing. So if you are looking for a jewelry piece to steal the crowd’s attention, you should definitely try this one!


  1. Hexagon Bypass Style Diamond Bracelets

If you are looking to make a style statement and do not want to go for the usual designs in light weight bracelets, you should try out our hexagon bypass style diamond bracelets.

Round diamonds are arranged in a floral pattern in the hexagon shape boxes. The elegant design of this bracelet is charming, alluring, and captivating.

This should be your go-to choice if you are looking for jewelry designs to complement your workwear. It is also the perfect option for a brunch look or your daily wear outfits. The bracelet can be chosen between yellow, white, and rose gold metal tones.


  1. Heart Shape Open Cuff Flexible Bracelet

Want to express your love and care in the most romantic way possible to your partner? The heart shape open cuff flexible bracelet is your perfect option.

High-quality lab grown diamonds are arranged in this heart shape jewelry giving the most splendid charm, aura, and glamour. The gemstones are all very clear and transparent, which adds to the romantic vibe of this bracelet.

It is also one of our best bracelet designs for your style, as it can complement any look and outfit with ease and grace.


  1. Gracious Glow Diamond Bracelet

The gracious glow diamond bracelet is one of our favorite timeless and eye-catching jewelry pieces. Available in yellow, white, and rose gold metal tones, it has one of the most alluring designs.

Tiny round diamonds are arranged in a circular pattern in these light weight bracelets. Let our flawless and unblemished diamonds talk for you while you steal the crowd’s attention and mesmerize your onlookers.


  1. Infinity Brilliant Diamond Bracelet

Add a dash of color to your jewelry collection with our infinity brilliant diamond bracelet. The design of the bracelet symbolizes everlasting love and commitment and thus is the perfect gift for someone special.

The red diamond studded on this bracelet is the highlight of this jewelry piece as it enhances its entire look. The diamonds studded on the metal band is like a cheery on top as it maximizes the aura of the bracelet.


The light weight bracelets in India are available in wide varieties and designs; thus, we want you to understand. Ayaani Diamonds gives the best quality jewelry pieces studded with high-quality diamonds to give you the most authentic jewelry experience.

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