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What is November Birthstone?

november birthstone

November Birthstone: A Guide to Topaz and Citrine

When it comes to jewels, November-born people have certainly hit the jackpot. The November birthstone – Topaz, and citrine, are abundant worldwide in most gem-stocking regions.

Although they appear as exquisite and royal stones, they are quite affordable among the types of birthstone sold today. These stones are everything you could ask for – precious, beautiful, and inexpensive.

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, often adorns herself with citrine cushion-cut drop earrings and pavé drop earrings. In addition to gracing the front pages of luxury magazines worldwide, these jewelry items have captured the attention of many photographers and fans.

What Do You Understand By November Birthstone?

A birthstone is a kind of gemstone that depicts the time period of a person’s birth. It depicts both their zodiac sign and their month of birth. Anyone born on the first 21 days of November has Scorpio as their zodiac sign, while people with birthdates anywhere between 22 to 30 have Sagittarius as their zodiac sign.

One of the common uses of November birthstones is to wear them as jewelry or in a pendant.

A topaz birthstone represents energy, creativity, joy, and peace of mind. It also depicts thoughtfulness, mental strength, compassion, and hopefulness.

November-born people are often ingrained with mysticism and interest in the hidden truths of life. Those born in November often exhibit a primal desire for change, which can be made true through connection with Topaz and Citrine birthstone energies.

It is known that Topaz stimulates a profound sense of being, increases one’s knowledge, slices through hassles and disarray, and creates a space for clearer, stronger thinking. Citrine is a brilliant and dazzling stone that improves the well-being of any person who wears it.

November Birthstone – Meaning and Their Color

Let us explore some common properties of the November birthstone.

Topaz is available in purple, orange, yellow, pink, and blue hues. The purest gemstones of Topaz are colorless, where a tinge of color represents impurity.

By applying laboratory treatments to the stone, certain hues such as white, blue, gold, pink, rose, yellow, light green or drab can be produced, as well as transparency or opaqueness. When the birthstone Topaz is gifted to someone, it symbolizes a promise of everlasting fidelity and love. In addition, the legend says that anyone who wears this stone will be blessed with strength and intelligence.

The Citrine stone is grown by subjecting Smoky Quartz and Amethyst to heat treatment. Its color changes from light yellow to brilliant yellow at low temperatures. However, the stone gets a dull yellow or brownish-red color at a higher temperature. The gemstone is often nicknamed the ‘healing quartz’ as it bestows its owner with an abundance of positive energy and vitality. Its capacity to clear negative energies and amplify positive vibrations has been praised for centuries.

Every birth month represents a specific color. Every color has an associated healing potential and power and speaks a particular and unique emotion. The color related to November, the second last month of the year, is an entrancing yellow-gold. Many warm colors may appear in this spectrum, from pale yellow to burning sunset orange.

Although the colors of the birthstone are available in a rainbow of hues, its most common and most powerful kaleidoscope is in oranges, yellows, and golds.

  • The color yellow depicts hope, freedom, and happiness.
  • The orange symbolizes enthusiasm, excitement, warmth, and vitality.
  • The color gold symbolizes luxury and prosperity.

It is undoubtedly true that when these colors are combined, they give off a magical quality that is sure to inspire royalty in anyone.

What Is the Reason For The Two Birthstones In November?

The only reason the month of November has not one but two birthstones is primarily a matter of color.

As we mentioned previously, the color of the birthstone for the month of November is a yellow-golden tone. This exact color is the hue of citrine and a wide variety of Topaz. Both these gemstones make up for an exquisite complementary pair.

Although they may look quite similar, these two birthstones invoke different healing energies and have different compositions. You can harness the power of healing with citrine and tap into your powerful reserves of strength and energy with Topaz.

Therefore, these two birthstones make up for a spectacular pair of birthstones for the month of November that will continue to bless November-born babies for many years to come.

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