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Complete Guide To Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings: An Ultimate Guide

Diamond Engagement Rings: An Overview

Kudos to you on finding someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. It is time to commit now and a reminder that you need to start planning your wedding. Just a mere thought of starting a to-do checklist can be a lot to take in. Let’s admit it, there are a million things to plan and implement. there is no way of knowing from where or even how to start. Let us help you with the first and foremost necessity to start your happily ever after – Diamond rings for engagement.

Diamond engagement rings have been a part of wedding rituals for ages. But do we know that the diamond ring we adore and flex creates havoc on the environment? How do we arrive at such a conclusion? Here is the reason. The conventional method of mining diamonds is a lengthy yet environmentally demanding process. Approximately mining a 1-carat of diamond requires 100 square feet of land. Other minute details include heavy machinery (not to forget the huge amount of fuel machinery will need) and hydraulic apparatus. Conventional diamonds also demand a heavy amount of water and energy. What do you think came as a solution to these problems regarding mined diamonds?

You guessed it right: Lab Grown Diamonds are the sustainable alternative to traditional diamonds. The rise of lab grown diamonds is causing a tremendous shift in the jewelry industry and the gemstone world. More and more environmentally conscious people looking to purchase conflict-free diamonds are leaning towards Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery.

Thanks to technological advancement. lab-grown diamonds are created in several weeks to give you every bit of sparkle and luxury as good as natural mined diamonds. Let’s explore our exquisite collection of diamond engagement rings for women to help you decide on the biggest decision of your life.

A Glimpse Of Diamond Engagement Rings Designs At Ayaani

Lab grown diamonds, like any other gemstone, come in various styles and patterns. The diamond shape that you decide for your diamond engagement rings is a decision that dictates your Diamond Jewelry Staples and personal. When it comes to the beauty and sparkle of a diamond, many factors such as cut and setting styles are to be considered, but the most important pointer is the shape of your diamond that will portray the overall look and feel of your engagement ring. Though some people mistake shape and cut as the same thing, it’s important to know that both are different things and should be evaluated differently when buying a ring. However, the shape refers to the outline appearance of the stone, whereas the cut refers to the ability of the diamond to reflect light.

Let’s discover engagement ring designs and shapes to help you with all the details.

Universal Round

Research studies show that round-shaped diamond engagement rings are the most popular choice, with over 75% being purchased in the round category. Round Brilliants are more like simple engagement rings yet most versatile as well as multipurpose. They are the most elegant and timeless choice for your engagement ring. Their timeless feature allows you to be flexible with modern and contemporary designs. They are also referred to as brilliant round cuts because of their popularity, and round diamonds have 58 facets designed to produce maximum brightness, sparkle, and fire.

Choose a round engagement ring if you want to go classic forever.

Classic Oval

Accounted as the fanciest shape yet elegant and symmetrical. Whether you think of minimal, timeless, or vintage-look diamond engagement rings, an oval cut will surely serve you justice. The oval cut has an elongated shape, flattery impact, and the capability to give you an illusion of a bigger size than their actual carat size. They are becoming a trendy choice as several celebrity figures have contributed their love for oval-based unique diamond engagement rings in recent years.

Oval rings are an excellent choice and appeal to different brides, including those who are looking for something just slightly different than regular round-shaped rings. They are perfectly ideal for women who are in love with the classics but just want to add a bit of uniqueness to their ring.

You can opt for oval-cut rings if you do not want to go for the usual round.

Timeless Pear Cut

The combination of brilliant round and a marquise cut produces a sparkly pear-cut-shaped ring having a sparkling feature of round and finger flattering feature of a marquise. Because of their elongated shape and a broader base, pear shapes are considered to have the largest spread among all the other shapes. It also resembles the teardrop look.

Go for pear-cut-shaped diamond engagement rings if you want to experiment with something in fusion.

Princess Perfect Cut

The princess shape is basically a square-shaped ring; it is the second most popular choice after the classic round. This shape has 49 to 144 delicate facets meaning the diamond engagement rings having a greater number of facets will have more sparkle from the edgy corners. The benefit of this cut is that fewer flaws are noticeable, with supplementary facets.

Classy Cushion Cut

A romantic merger of round shape and square diamonds makes a beautifully romantic shape called cushion cut. They are often referred to as pillow cuts too. Cushion-cut diamond engagement rings are surrounded by rounded edges that give a distinctive appearance. These rings have flawless brilliance and crystal clarity in appearance. Cushion cut-shaped rings are also available in many variations of square or rectangle.

If you want to experiment with something playful and romantic, opt for cushion-cut diamond engagement rings for ladies.

Discover exquisite lab grown diamond rings india. Browse our stunning collection of eco-friendly and ethically sourced diamond rings crafted with precision and brilliance. Experience the beauty and elegance of lab-grown diamonds, offering exceptional quality and value. Shop now for the perfect statement piece that combines sustainability and style.

Choosing an ideal shape of a diamond can get tricky and overwhelming if you are not sure about the design you are looking for. Understanding all the elements such as brilliance, shape, cut, clarity, and budget will help you find the most suitable pick according to your requirement. Explore our wide range of diamond engagement rings collection with classic shapes mentioned above and many other cocktail designs that will make you fall in love with them. People also choose couple engagement ring bands for ring exchanging rituals.


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