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7 Most Popular Shapes for Diamond Solitaire Rings

7 Most Popular Shapes for Diamond Solitaire Rings

Rising Popularity Of Diamond Solitaire Rings

It’s no secret that diamond ring trends ebb and flow over time. As a go-to source for all the things when it comes to buying jewelry, we constantly have our pulse on what’s new in the fashion and jewelry industry.

When you think of engagement rings, the first thing that comes to mind is diamond solitaire rings. Not only for wedding purposes, but they are forever trendsetters when it comes to creating a lasting impression. Diamonds are eternal in terms of popularity and elegance, but a diamond solitaire ring is enough to steal the show, no matter the occasion.

Nowadays, we have observed couples preferring fancy diamond center stones, flashy bands, intricate designs, and settings. But, of all the creative designs, some things, such as diamond shapes and cuts, remain constant and never change.

Whether you are a bride looking for something new or prefer a more classic style, or you are in search of treating yourself with diamonds, here are some of the most popular diamond shapes.

Diamond Solitaire Rings For Women: Most Popular Shapes

Let’s explore some of the most trending and timeless diamond shapes for solitaire ring designs to help you choose nothing but the best for you.

  1. Brilliant Round Shape

Approximately 75% of the diamonds that are sold are said to be round-cut diamonds and hence are considered the most sought-after shape. There is no surprise that the round shape is most renowned because it maximizes the diamond’s fire at a proper reflection. It is rightly said that you cannot beat the classic, and brilliant round cut is one of them.

  1. Rise Of Oval Diamond Shape

The oval shape has been gaining popularity among the crowd in recent years. So, if you are observing too many oval-shaped rings, there are others. Celebrity figures adorning this cut might have impacted the steady increase in demand for oval styles of solitaire diamond rings. This shape can have as many facets as a round-shaped diamond meaning it can sparkle just as much.

  1. Princess Shape Diamonds

Well, which bride doesn’t want to look like a princess on her big day from top to toe? Enter the self-titled princess cut, another popular shape for diamond solitaire rings. The princess cut is the one when you prefer to get more modern and geometric precision but still want to hold onto loads of brilliance.

  1. Emerald Diamond Shape

Often admired for its Art Deco aesthetic appeal, the emerald cut diamond shape has an understated sparkle. Characterized by the open table, cropped corners, and rectangular step-cut has the hall-of-mirror effect; adorned shape helps fingers look longer and slenderer. This shape has versatility because of its grace and sophistication, which jewelry enthusiasts love.

  1. Marquise Shape Diamond

Marquise cut is popularly known for its regal feel, making them look football-shaped with a modified brilliant cut. The long and narrow silhouette has the power to give an illusion of greater size and will make your fingers look elongated too. The marquise cut is a good choice when you want to maximize the perceived size because of its largest surface area.

  1. Pear Diamond Shape

The perfect combination of round and marquise shapes with a tapered point on one end, pear shape diamonds are an ideal hybrid choice. Pear cuts are also known as teardrop and are suitable for the ones who prefer vintage-inspired rings. The bride who likes to walk on their own rules and thinks that two is better than one, pear diamond shape is for you.

  1. Cushion Shape Diamond

The cushion-cut diamond derives its name from the combination of square and rectangle cut. What sets them apart from squares and rectangles are their rounded corners, much like a pillow, and often slightly sloped sides.

They can be designed in many variations, such as standard, modern or modified. Moreover, due to its precise bending and dispersion of light, the cushion cut blooms fire with maximum effect.

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Ultimately, there will never be any shortage of design inspiration for diamond solitaire rings, be it in the form of engagement rings or anything other than that. We have broken down some of the most popular diamond shapes to help you select what’s suitable for you or your loved ones. In the end, there are endless options to choose from, and it will be helpful to consider the persona, style, and occasion for which you are purchasing the diamond.

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